JCS proudly announces they are an Honoree for Enterprising Women of The Year Championship Award 2017

JCS proudly announces they are an Honoree for Enterprising Women of The Year Championship Award 2017

Accounting Solutions by JCS is proud to announce we have been chosen as an honoree for 2017 Enterprising Women of the Year Champions Award to be received at the 15th Annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards Celebration and Conference held from Sunday April 2 through Tuesday April 4, 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Hundreds of nominees across the country were submitted and 31 total Champions were chosen for this prestigious award. To be considered, all women business owners must demonstrate rapid growth in their business, mentor or actively support other women involved in entrepreneurships and stand out as leaders in their communities.

The team at JCS prides themselves in delivering high quality business solutions from our approach to customized consulting based on your business needs to training and endless support. Our certified consultants are humble to be a part of such an extraordinary team servicing the best clients. We look forward to providing exceptional accounting solutions for many years to come.

For more information regarding JCS call 800.475.1047 or visit www.jcscomputer.com

With over 25 years of accounting and business knowledge as well as proficient technical background you get the training and support your business needs and deserves working with a proficient expert consultant.   You can work with the same consultant to help you master your accounting software and for those occasional questions you need help with so you can understand best practices and how to manage your company information and books.

Put our 25+ years of experience to work for you!

“Your Success is Our Goal”

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Enterprising Women of The Year Recipient 2017


Contact: Lauren LaMantia

Telephone: 800.475.1047

Email: solutions@JCSComputer.com

Website: www.jcscomputer.com


Prestigious Awards Program

Arlington Heights, Illinois, February 1, 2017 – Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, a nationwide leading provider of accounting software solutions, support and services, proudly announces receiving 2017 Enterprising Women of the Year Champion Award.

“Our success is dependent on great relationships. Our customers and our staff are the 2 best assets we have as a business. Hence, our motto ~ Your Success is our Goal” says Jennifer O’Brien, Lead Project Manager.

The Enterprising Women of the Year Award is widely considered one of the most prestigious recognition programs for women business owners. All nominees must demonstrate leaders in their communities, a fast-growth business and mentor or actively support other women involved in entrepreneurships.

“These Champions excel in a variety of ways through fast business growth, community leadership or as outstanding role models and mentors in their communities. We look forward to meeting our Enterprising Women of the Year Award Winners in Fort Lauderdale early April” said Monica Smith, publisher and CEO of Enterprising Women.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS provides customer service and support using Sage 50 Accounting, QuickBooks and Sage 100 as the base accounting systems. These systems can accommodate all size businesses effectively by offering valuable solutions for automation and detailed intelligence reporting thus creating streamlined efficiencies for businesses.  Reports are at your fingertips to manage finances, inventory, sales, purchasing, employees, payroll, and CRM databases.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS

Since 1987, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS has worked with small-medium sized businesses throughout the Midwest to automate accounting, sales, and customer relationship processes.  JCS specializes in detailed business reviews, identifying areas of improvement through various software solutions and support to increase efficiencies.

The US Commerce & Trade Research Institute (www.usctri.org) recognized Accounting Business Solutions by JCS as a 2017 United States Excellence Award recipient for meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks for customer service, product quality and ethical practices.  For more information on Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, please visit www.jcscomputer.com or call 800.475.1047.


Saxon Motorcycles revs up its company manufacturing process for its all new Retro-Modernistic Black Crown Model Line with Sage 100 ERP Software.


Saxon Motorcycle Launches All New Retro-Modernistic Black Crown Model Line

CASA GRANDE, AZ – (BUSINESS WIRE) – March 31, 2005 – Saxon Motorcycle Company today introduced its signature model, the Black Crown, designed by Gard Hollinger of LA County Choprods. The model features old school design elements, modern features and fully custom components unlike any other production motorcycle.

“The Black Crown represents a motorcycle design that has traditionally been reserved for true custom bikes” said Mike O’Brien, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “By partnering with Gard, we have been able to develop a motorcycle that looks like a one-off custom with truly unique design elements and make it rideable and affordable”.

The Black Crown features numerous hand crafted design elements including a crown motif sissy bar and gas cap, custom designed gas tank, rear fender and oil bag and a hand tooled leather seat. “I’ve always been inspired by the raw, minimalist approach of motorcycle customization in the 1950s and 60s. The Black Crown has strong clean lines complemented by subtle themed components” said Hollinger. The paint on the Black Crown is also distinct – “We wanted to use the popular black primer look from the ‘50s but give it a modern twist, so we added metal flake to create a unique finish” added Hollinger. The end product is a great looking chopper with a refined edge and untamed attitude. With over 20 years experience building motorcycles, Gard is known for his retro-modernistic styling and celebrity clientele.

With the launch of the Black Crown, Saxon is rounding out its existing four model line with a second chopper which has unique design appeal. “The Black Crown is a great complement to the Warlord, Firestorm, Sceptre and BroadSword. It allows us to go after the customer who wants the styling of a fully custom motorcycle while offering them the reliability, performance and value that Saxon offers.” said O’Brien.

The Black Crown will be available in Saxon Dealerships nationwide starting in late May, with its MSRP anticipated to start at $26,995.

Highlights of the Black Crown include:

Retro style springer front end
Custom ?LACC Frisco King? gas tank and ?647F Tank? oil bag
LACC Crown gas cap and sissy bar
Heat wrapped ?LACC Mad Fish? Exhaust
Natural leather ?LACC 288 Pad? seat with hand tooled Saxon signature icon logo
240 rear tire
Color-matched 60 spoke wheels
Soft-tail suspension frame
Black S&S 96 CI engine and 6-speed transmission standard with an available S&S 111 engine upgrade
Two unique paint options: Satin black with red metal flake and satin black with a silver metal flake both with Black Crown pinstripe graphics
About Saxon Motorcycle Company

Saxon Motorcycle Company was created to produce great looking semi-custom motorcycles at a more reasonable price point than currently available and to apply professional management and production processes to a segment that is dominated by fragmented manufacturing practices. Saxon operates out of a modern 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility on 9 acres in Casa Grande, AZ. Saxon Motorcycles are available through an elite group of dealers nationwide.

Saxon Motorcycle Company is a subsidiary of RPM Holdings Group, LLC.

Further details and media inquiries contact:

Michael O’Brien
Saxon Motorcycle Company
Tel (248) 540-2643


Mike Gaber said that implementing the MAS 0- modules was one of the easiest things they & Mac226 have ever done. They give top marks to their reseller, who explained the new features and provided on-site training. “We’d be overwhelmed here if we had to do all these tasks manually again.” Accounting Business Solutions by JCS. was their partner of choice to install Sage 100. (for details visit www.saxonmotorcycles.com and www.jcscomputer.com).


Sage Software® Consolidates Channel Programs to Ease Sales of Peachtree® Software

CRN • Atlanta – 4:21 PM EST Fri., Aug. 02, 2002

Sage Software®’s small business division has consolidated nine channel programs into one Small Business Certified Consultant program to better help solution providers sell Peachtree® accounting solutions and other software.

The new program creates one point of contact for solution providers and incents them to sell to new customers as well as cross-sell other Sage Software® products, said Kevin Thornton, senior director of channel sales, Sage Software® small business division.

“The focus is on consistency, standardized certifications, account management, margins and having one face to the customer,” Thornton said.

The program has bronze, gold and platinum levels that are based on solution provider commitments, he said.

Bronze partners must do at least $3,000 in sales. The numbers jump to $10,000 and $30,000 for gold and platinum, respectively. Initiation and participation fees also vary by level, according to the company.

The tiers include increased margins for selling to new customers. For example, a platinum partner could make 27 percent margin selling upgrades to its current install base, but could make 37 percent margin selling to new customers.

“We came down a bit on upgrade [margins], which varied across the nine different programs, but for new customers, it’s up dramatically,” Thornton said.

The majority of sales this year have been upgrades, Thornton said. “That’s what brought about the change in the structure. Our goal is to be the gateway to other divisions for Sage Software®,” he said.

Jennifer O’Brien, president of Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, a Detroit-based solution provider, said the majority of her business is upgrades, but she is beginning to see interest from new customers as the economy improves.

“And [Sage Software®] has positioned our profit margins to give us incentive to find new clients. That’s how you grow,” O’Brien said.

Most of Sage Software®’s 800 solution providers will qualify for the program, Thornton said, but he adds, “in some cases, it won’t fit what current VARs are looking for. We encourage VARs to stay with the program. We want to optimize the output of current VARs. It’s our responsibility to open new opportunities for them.”

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For media information:

PRC Media contact information:
Aimee Weaver • Peachtree® Software
800.475.1047 • aweaver@peachtree.com


Sage 100 Update Release Information

Announcing the Sage 100 Releases

Sage 100 2017 Release Updatesage-100-2017-update-schedule

Sage 100 2016 Release Update


Sage 100 ERP 2015 Release Update


Sage 100 ERP 2014 Release Update


Sage 100 ERP 2013 Release Update


Contact one of our Sage Certified Consultants 800.475.1047 or email solutions@jcscomputer.com

Visit us at www.jcscomputer.com

With over 25 years of accounting and business knowledge as well as proficient technical background you get the training and support your business needs and deserves working with a proficient expert consultant.   You can work with the same consultant to help you master your Sage 100 Software and for those occasional questions you need help with so you can understand best practices and how to manage your company information and books. Sage 100 Intelligence Support and Training 800.475.1047

 “Your Success is Our Goal”


NEW – Sage Inventory Advisor Basics for Sage 100c and 300c

Introducing Sage Inventory Advisor Basics for Sage 100c and 300c select customers.  The new product focuses on common inventory challenges customers face without advanced functionality and complexity offered with Sage Inventory Advisor ‘full’ product.  Sage Inventory Advisor Basics does not include Central Warehouse Consolidation, Support for Bill of Materials or the Ability to Import Order Forecasts to Sage ERP as the “Full” product does.

The core inventory functionality in Sage 100c and Sage 300c focuses on processing and managing transactions.  Sage Inventory Advisor Basics now leverages this data to make more informed decisions on stock, when to purchase more, and other insights that core inventory functionality isn’t able to do.

Sage 100c and Sage 300c Inventory

  • Creates and Monitors Inventory Transactions
  • Creates Purchase Orders and Reports on Purchase Status
  • Tracks Receiving Inventory
  • Physical Stock Counts
  • Tracks, Picks and Packs Shipments to Customers

Sage Inventory Advisor (Add-On)

  • Analyzes Inventory Transactions and makes recommendations
  • Forecasts stock demand and purchase requirements based on sales data
  • Identifies what to order and quantities
  • Identifies when to expedite orders from suppliers to prevent stock-outs
  • Recommends what inventory to reduce

Customers running Sage 100c and Sage 300c now includes Sage Inventory Advisor Basics at no additional charge as long as you are on a current Gold or Platinum level Business Care Plan.  Silver level plans do not include the free Sage Inventory Advisor Basics.

Contact one of our Sage Certified Consultants 800.475.1047 or email solutions@jcscomputer.com

Visit us at www.jcscomputer.com

With over 25 years of accounting and business knowledge as well as proficient technical background you get the training and support your business needs and deserves working with a proficient expert consultant.   You can work with the same consultant to help you master your Sage 100 Software and for those occasional questions you need help with so you can understand best practices and how to manage your company information and books. Sage 100 Intelligence Support and Training 800.475.1047

 “Your Success is Our Goal”


Top 5 Features to Look For In Accounting Software

Top 5 Features to Look for in Accounting Software

Being a small business owner, the most important concern that matters to you is your finance. So, it’s necessary for you to take care of your finance very well. In fact, a business owner has so many things to do! After all, business owners need a lot of hard work and effort to operate a business. It’s not possible that you can handle each and every detailed transaction without any help. So keeping in mind such thing, there are a lot of accounting tools that have been designed to take proper care of your finance details.

What Is an Accounting Software: – Accounting software is nothing but a computer program that helps accountants and bookkeepers in reporting and recording financial transactions of a particular firm. Keep in mind that, depending on the size and needs of an organization, an accounting software can be customized and used right out of the box


Importance of Accounting Software: – If you own a business and your financial manager spends a good part of a week updating employee tax code details, working on paychecks and aggregating financial data from multiple sources, it’s time to consider a new assistance in the form of an accounting software.

Unbelievable as it may seem, human errors are seen in the routine tasks of a business organization. Employing the help of a financial tool to streamline and automate the accounting and management process can be good for your company’s bottom line. In this piece of write up, we are briefing top features to look for in an accounting software:

Top Features to look for in an Accounting Software System: – A software like Sage 50 accounting comes up with built-in standard reports like profit and loss, balance sheet and income and expense; that can save you plentiful time and effort.

  1. Easy-to-use Interface: – Choose an accounting software with user-friendly navigation to make sure the successful software adoption in a business enterprise. An accounting software system having a complex interface will alienate employees, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy.
  2. Easily Customizable Feature: – Your accounting software system must be customizable easily to suit your business needs very well.
  3. Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility: – If your finance team comprises of remote and highly mobile employees, then a cloud based accounting solution can be highly suggested for your finance needs.
  4. Inter-operability: – To eliminate redundant data entries and make sure seamless information flow between applications, integration with third party applications can be another feature worth considering for choosing an accounting software system.
  5. Usability: – Choose an accounting software that grows with you. One that charges on a per-user basis, with facilities to pay extra for additional features and bandwidth can be a good pick for your finance needs.

Getting The Best Accounting Software: – Well-known as Simply Accounting, Sage 50 Accounting can be an ideal business management and accounting software that helps in invoicing, bill payments, inventory management, payroll processing and credit card payment processing. Here and now, you should choose Sage 50 Accounting software for your business.

Key Features:

  1. Easy and quick payment of bills
  2. Optimization of inventory levels and productivity to control costs
  3. Efficient tracking of suppliers and customers
  4. Collect, track and submit financial data with confidence


Conclusion: – If you need necessary assistance for your business, feel free to contact consultants of sage 50 accounting at Accounting Business Solutions by JCS and get to understand the advanced features as well as enhance efficiency of business through time-saving procedures. Call us today and know how we can help you take your business to the next level!

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Sage 100 Support Michigan – Sales Support Training Certified Sage 100 Consultant Royal Oak Michigan

Sage 100 Consultant Michigan providing Professional Support Services since 1989

Provides free demos to you for these products, sales, implementation and training services 800.475.1047. Your success is our goal! Put our 25 years of experience to work for you on the following Sage Software Solutions.

  • Sage 100
  • Sage 100 JobOps Manufacturing
  • Sage 100 Field Service Management
  • Sage Intelligence
  • Sage CRM
  • Sage HRMS
  • Sage Fixed Assets

Certified on these modules and more since 1989. Sage 100 is formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200


Sage 100 Accounting Training Class Outline

Are you a new user to Sage 100?  Are you a user who would like to learn more or add modules to your existing Sage 100 software system?  These classes are designed to introduce setup, integration, daily work and period-end processing aspects of each Sage 100 Module.

– Designed as an introduction to Sage 100 these core comprehensive classes cover Library Master, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Bank Reconciliation.  We can help you understand the Sage 100 Software launcher and how to use it.  You will learn all menu options and how to properly close the periods for Sage 100 modules.

– The Sage 100 distribution classes include Inventory, Purchase Order and Sales Orders.

– If you are looking for more advanced Sage 100 training we offer Payroll, Bill of Material, Material Requirement Planning, Return Material Authorization, Work Order, Job Costs, Alerts, Workflow and Bar Coding.

– Sage 100 Reporting Classes include Sage Intelligence, Crystal reports and Business Insights.

Sage 100 Core Training Classes Include:
Sage 100 Library Master Training Class:

For Sage 100 System Administrators who want to learn tips and tricks to managing your Sage 100 Software.  Setup security and utilize Library Master Features and utilities

Sage 100 General Ledger Training Class:

This course teaches the fundamentals of setting up and operating the Sage 100 General Ledger.  In this class, you will review General Ledger setup options, learn the effects of those options on your Sage Software system and learn how to setup, modify and manager your company Chart of Accounts.  You will also learn the daily processing functions like entering journal entries.

Sage 100 Accounts Payable Training Class:

This course offers the Sage 100 user the knowledge and power of the Accounts Payable module.  Learn how to setup the software to meet your company’s requirements and gain the processing skills to improve accuracy and save valuable time throughout your daily Accounts Payable routine.

Sage 100 Accounts Receivable Training Class:

This course is designed to help you understand how to streamline receivables processing and generate quicker invoice payments.  You will gain the power to setup the module based on your company’s requirements and learn the basics of creating invoices, cash receipts and recurring invoices.

Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation Training Class:

This course is a complete review of Sage 100 bank reconciliation and how Journal Entries in the General Ledger, checks from Accounts Payable and Payroll and Cash Receipts from Accounts Receivable effect your Bank Reconciliation module.

Sage 100 Training classes

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or return to Sage 100 Training Class for free within 60 days!

Classes held from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm    Sign Up Here

Call Now 800.475.1047 to speak with a Certified Consultant for Sage 100 to discuss how learning this business tool can help rev up your business.

User Guide, Lunch and Certificate of Attendance are included.  Classes are small and hands on, 1 person per PC. All classes are CPE accredited.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS is a Master Sage Solution Provider.  Payment is required to register for the class. Availability will be confirmed once your registration information is received and processed. Please do not make any travel arrangements prior to confirmation received from JCS. JCS is not responsible for any travel expenses made without confirmation.

We know you have choices, Thank you for choosing Accounting Business Solutions by JCS. Your Success is Our Goal!

www.jcscomputer.com                                                                                         800.475.1047

Providing World Class Support and Training for your Sage 100 Sage Intelligence JobOps Manufacturing
Accounting Software setup and support specializing in distribution and manufacturing software systems
Services provided in Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Support Consultant Training Class


Sage Payment Center™

If you haven’t heard already, Sage 50 Accounting and Sage 100 customers now have the option of using Payment Center™ as of April 1st 2016.  Now customers have the ability to view real-time transactions, accept credit cards, debit cards, AVH, gift cards, apply for payments and manage common payment activities.

“This latest version of Sage Payment Center extends the benefits of embedding payments within an accounting system to help small and medium businesses get paid faster, simplify their business operations, and ultimately make smarter decisions,” said Paul Bridgewater, CEO of Sage Payment Solutions. “With Sage Payment Center, businesses can choose how they want to process a payment; easily spot accounts receivable trends, make payment acceptance part of their existing workflow, easily make automatic deposits, and much more.”

Sage paired up with Authorize.Net and Merchant Focus to enable processing payments at a reasonable and competitive rate.  It uses a web-based virtual terminal so there is no fancy equipment or hardware needed.  Installation is ‘do it yourself’ so no IT company or assistance needed, it’s built into your software.

What we love about this feature is it takes the manual input and guess work out of posting transactions to your general ledger.  Additionally, this feature is offered on SAGE Mobile solutions so wherever you have web access, you can accept and post payments and view transactions in real-time from anywhere you’re connected.  Your customers have more options in regards to forms of payments and you have less work to do on the backend.

Tired of delayed funding?  Sage Payment Center™ funds are posted to your checking account usually in less than 2 business days, unlike most payment processing companies.  Extremely competitive rates when compared to other credit card processing companies.  No contracts to sign, you can stop using this service at any time.

How does this really help you… As a Sage 100 or Sage 50 Accounting software customer, you are now able to make important and informed decisions based on your company’s cash flow in real time.  You no longer need to wait a week to view your cash position.  You’ll also receive a really easy to understand monthly statement for reconciliation purposes.  This gives greater insights to your business performance.

To Review –
Installation Process is quick and effortless
View your transactions in Real-Time
Get your funds quickly
Offer more options for payments to your customers
No long term commitment is required
No delays in funding
Access your company’s sales and transactions
Web-Based Terminal
Sage Mobile compatible

Sage Payment Center is currently available for Sage 50 Accounting, Sage 50 C and Sage 50 2016 customers on current support plans and any Sage 100 customers in the U.S. who are using Sage 100c or Sage 100 version 2016.1.

For more information on Sage Payment Center give one of our professional consultants a call 800.475.1047 www.jcscomputer.com

With over 25 years of accounting and business knowledge as well as proficient technical background you get the training and support your business needs and deserves working with a proficient expert consultant.   You can work with the same consultant to help you master your Sage Software and for those occasional questions you need help with so you can understand best practices and how to manage your company information and books.

Put our 25 years of experience to work for you!

“Your Success is Our Goal”

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