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Do you need software for manufacturing, integration to your your purchasing and have your manufacturing accounting software in a single solution?

Manufacturing software should be a comprehensive solution portfolio that enables you to plan, schedule, execute and monitor your entire manufacturing business, for job shops and small manufacturers. From raw materials to final product our manufacturing and MRP software provides the greatest level of flexibility and agility possible.

Things to consider

When selecting Manufacturing Management Software, here are some important pointers. As a manufacturing company would you consider your business one or a combination of the following types of manufacturing?

1. Make to Order
2. Make to Stock
3. Engineer to Order
4. Configure to Order

When it comes to selecting manufacturing software for your company, it would be very easy if you were only one of those. But if you are a combination of a few, then you have some work to do. Most software companies started by being strong in one of those areas or just needing inventory software not considering all the future combinations they might require to efficiently manage their business. Here are modules you need when you do the following:


Bill of Materials – Work Order/ Job Costing – Material Requirements Planning


Bill of Materials – Material Requirements Planning


Estimating – Work Order/Job Costing – Material Requirements – Advanced Scheduling


Estimating – Work Order/Job Costing – Material Requirements – Product Configurator

This solution can also include the following modules

Distribution Software

Enterprise Resource Planning / ERP software



Bar Code w/physical count capability

Touch Screen

 Sage 100 formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200 with JobOps might be the solution

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offers you choices in manufacturing software.

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