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Small job shops and large make-to-stock manufacturers often face the same business challenge: how to balance efficient management of the assembly process, constant optimization of inventory levels, and fulfillment of customer orders while maintaining a firm grasp on critical financial details. When you invest in Manufacturing inventory software, you want to get powerful yet flexible inventory management software that lets you meet and exceed these and other challenges involved with your manufacturing operations. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS even offers a Sage 50 manufacturing training class that teaches you exactly how to use all of the system’s most advanced features. Exercise pin-point control over your entire manufacturing process and turn bigger and better profits today.

MISys Software Product Features:

Manufacturing accounting software combines powerful assembly and inventory management tools, advanced operational reporting, and the rock-solid core accounting features that have made Sage 50 software the choice of hundreds of thousands of small businesses. The result: an accounting solution tailor-made for the challenges of operating a profitable manufacturing business.

Assembly Management Features
Inventory Management Features
Core Accounting Features

Assembly Management Features:

Advanced Bill of Materials (BOM) Processing
Create advanced BOMs of up to 300 components that can be modified even after an assembly line has been sold—meaning there’s no need to set up a brand-new assembly just because some components have changed. And all BOM changes are automatically logged in an on-screen revision history.

Work Tickets:
Allow for detailed tracking of the labor and materials needed to complete assembly jobs. Track due dates and completion times and avoid over committing components by removing in-process components from inventory.

Assembly Planning Report:
Get Enterprise resource planning system and display bill of materials components for a selected assembly item and a specified number of units to assemble.

Publication Schedule Report:
Help prioritize build jobs by detailing assembly items on open sales orders.

Component Pick List Report:
Detail bill of materials information for a selected assembly item.

Deficient Components List for Assemblies Report:
Display deficient bill of material components for a selected assembly item and a specified number of units to assemble.

Assembly Item UPC/SKU Labels:
Print assembly item inventory labels for warehouse organization.

Inventory Distribution Software Management Features:

Track Item Detail
Track extensive detail on each of your inventory items, such as price levels, tax types, weight, cost method, item type and more!

Serialized Inventory Tracking
Assign serial numbers to specific individual inventory items when creating transactions and maintain detailed records for tracking, recall and warranty purposes. You can also track actual cost of each serialized item for more accurate profit measure.

Item Attribute Sets
Easily create and track inventory items in a product line by defining attributes such as size, color or any attributes you define. With this functionality, you can automatically create and maintain Item Attribute sets, and your reports and look ups will reflect this for easy cross-selling, tracking and maintaining.

Auto-Creation of Purchase Orders based on Stocking Levels
Create purchase orders automatically based on minimum stock levels, re-order quantities and quantities on sales order. You no longer have to manually fill out purchase orders every time your inventory gets low!

Inventory Trend Analysis with the New Inventory Section in Sage 50 Today®
Track information on your inventory quickly and easily, without running multiple reports. You will have the ability to see fastest/slowest selling items, as well as an inventory cost trend graph which displays revenue, cost and gross profit percent by period.

Buy and Sell in Multi-Quantity Units
Buy and sell inventory in units other than one. When it comes time to purchase components or ship finished goods, you can now set up shipping units that match the way you do business, which saves time and improves the accuracy of your inventory counts.

Multiple Costing Methods
Gain the flexibility of tracking your inventory with a choice of various costing methods including Average, LIFO (last in, first out) and FIFO (first in, first out) costing as well as specific unit costs for serialized items.

Stock Status by Location Report
Create detailed reports showing current quantities on hand, current quantities on sales orders and purchase orders, and a history of the item.

Item Sales by Customer and Purchase Order Number Report
Generate reports displaying item sales by purchase order number.

On-Hand Detail Report
Detail purchase information for inventory items.

For Sage 50 or QuickBooks Core Accounting Features:

Easy Startup, Easy to Learn
Standard Accounting
Analysis and Reporting
Time Savers and Customization

How to set up the link between MISys and Sage 50 Accounting or QuickBooks Software.

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