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Fast Tip for ACT! Software

Fast Tip Friday: Controlling Which Contacts Sync From Outlook to Sage ACT!

When sending email, history may be automatically recorded to a contact record, and possibly even other Sage ACT! users' history. When sending email internally between users of the same database, you may want to disable recording of history for messages sent between Sage ACT! users. Administrators of a Sage ACT! database can disable history recording for email sent between users in the same database.

4 tips to make sure your company data is safe

1. Daily backups.
During a backup operation, the data being backed up, the backup is written to a physical backup device. A physical backup device is either a tape drive or an external disk drive. A few things to think about when selecting a backup device are how much space your data takes up now, and later and how many of the same backup devices you would like to have. We recommend at least 5 one for each day of the week that can have more than one backup on them. We also suggest you take at least one backup to you home at least weekly.

3 Tips for Point of Sale for Beginners

3 reasons why beginners should consider Point of Sale software systems:

1. Manage your inventory

a. Point of Sale Pro adjusts inventory with every sale, order, or return
b. Instantly see what’s hot and what needs to be reordered
c. Keep popular items in stock with automatic purchase orders
d. Save money on inventory by ordering only what you need

2. Track your customer information

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