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Accounting Business Solutions by JCS prides itself on delivering world class Timeslips Software support with highly skilled, experienced, Customer-focused people. However, these are a few suggestions that you can do yourself that will assist us in improving the swiftness and quality of your support case and to help us understand your business and environment.

Before contacting Timeslips Software Support

To resolve your software support service request in the most expedient way possible, it is important that you take the following steps before you contact a software support center. You will need to gather information about the problem and have it on hand when discussing the situation with the software support specialist. The following steps are an example of what is required:

Define the Timeslips Software System problem

If you can describe the problem and symptoms before contacting Timeslips software support, you can expedite the problem solving process. It is very important to be as specific as possible when explaining a problem or question to our software support specialists. Our specialists want to give you the right solution, so, the better they understand your specific problem, the better we are able to resolve it.

Gather Your Timeslips Software background information

To solve problems effectively, the software support specialist needs to have all of the relevant information about the problem. Your ability to answer the following questions will help us to solve your software problem.

What version of the Timeslips Software were you running when the problem occurred? Please include all relevant products, i.e.: operating system as well as related products.

Has the problem happened before, or is this an isolated problem?

What steps led to the failure?

Can the problem be recreated? If so, what steps are required?

Have any changes been made to the system? (hardware, NetWare or software)

Were any messages or other diagnostic information produced? If yes, what were they?

It is often helpful to have a printout of the message number(s) of any messages received when you contact

Timeslips support.

Define your technical question in specific terms and provide the version and release level of the product(s) in question.

Determine the Timeslips Software severity level

Severity levels are determined during a mutual discussion between you and the support analyst, based on the business impact of the issue

You can email us at solutions@jcscomputer.com or call 800.475.1047 and we will be glad to help

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Timeslips Training Classes:
Timeslips training classes include lunch, a take away Timeslips training manual, business checks and forms discount coupons and more. Don’t let another billable minute of your time slip away. Learn how to use Timeslips today to produce professional looking bills Taught by a certified Timeslips Trainer and consultant with years of experience to help you get the most from your software investment. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offers 10 classes for Timeslips including Timeslips introduction, Timeslips Billing Cycle, Timeslips advanced and more. Call now for detailed information.

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#1: Do you have basic accounting questions about Timeslips® setup or how to create professional-looking bills?

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS is local. We work with multiple accounting systems and we are Timeslips® Platinum consultants – the highest level. We have worked with accounting systems for 25 years and we can even come to your office when you need extra attention. Local help is only a phone call away.

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#3: Does your staff need someone to help them introduce checks, balances & organization into the Timeslips® system? Does the accounts receivable balance to the general ledger? If not, do you know why not?

Our customers welcome our training them in how to make their information accurate and their reports credible. We know why it is important and we know how to make it happen. We offer local classes and are committed to superior customer service and support!

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