JobOps Manufacturing - Data Collector Module

Data Import Just Got Smarter

Data Collector quickly and accurately validates and imports both parts and labor transactions into JobOps. Wherever and however your data is collected, from the shop floor to the customer’s site, at a terminal or with handheld devices, Data Collector eliminates error-prone manual data entry.

  • An intuitive visual interface makes it easy to identify an invalid record and an edit function allows the user to correct the offending record.
  • Users of JobOps Field Service module will appreciate that Data Collector will correctly charge – or not charge – for parts and labor as prescribed by the customers’ service contract.
  • Designed to work in conjunction with 3rd party data collection solutions, Data Collector processes any ASCII or .CSV file in the specified format.


  • „Save time with a single import for both parts and labor.
  • „Easily identify and correct bad records. „ Correctly handle service contract billings. „ Keep your database up-to-date with automatically scheduled imports.
  • Comprehensive import processes start and stop times, activity codes, departments, quantity completed, comments, miscellaneous time, and more.
  • „Quickly create material issue transactions, including warehouse, lot/serial numbers, and cost.
  • „Bring supplemental parts data into user-defined fields.
  • „Visual Integrator is not required but can be used.


  • Single Import of Both Parts and Labor: A single import processes both parts and labor transactions, saving administrative time.
  • Identify, Review, and Correct Invalid Records: Data Collector reviews and validates all incoming records. Invalid records are excluded from the import. A report lists the excluded records and the reason for exclusion. Users may then edit or delete it as appropriate.
  • Import Service Agreement Contract IDs: A service agreement contract ID can be imported along with a part or labor entry and will be reviewed for validity. Parts and labor records are evaluated against the service agreement and if covered, the price is adjusted accordingly. Note: the JobOps Field Service module is required.
  • Define the Import Frequency: Configure Data Collector to scan the specified import path every xx minutes and xx seconds, searching for an import file. If a new file is found, the import will proceed automatically.
  • Archive Past Data: Files successfully imported will be archived directly to the file location specified.
  • Supports User Defined Fields: Import part user defined fields (UDF) into Sales Order Detail UDFs.
  • Visual Integrator Not Required: Data Collector does not require the use of Visual Integrator to import data files.
  • Processes Punch Times: Import punch in and punch out times as well as miscellaneous time directly to the JobOps Time Tracker module.

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