Sage 100 Manufacturing - Enhanced Scheduling Module

Enhanced Scheduling Keeps Sage 100 manufacturing Jobs on Track

Your business needs to provide timely turn-around and reliable delivery dates on its prod-ucts and services — so scheduling is critical. Without the ability to proactively manage the overall schedule of jobs, delays are inevitable. Your business depends on getting the product to customers without compromise, so you need a more powerful scheduling tool.

Enhanced Scheduling puts you in the driver’s seat by delivering flexible management-by-ex-ception tools that show you where jobs are in the schedule. This lets you focus on scheduling and resource utilization with higher precision and better results.


  • Reliable capable-to-promise dates result from enhanced scheduling tools, enabling you to calculate realistic dates based on current load, your finite and infinite rules and the availability of materials.
  • Streamline your scheduling and resource utilization processes, allowing you to deliver jobs on time and on budget.
  • Material availability shortages are easily identified on the visual scheduling board allowing you to drill down and see where inventory can be borrowed from a job that can be completed later.
  • Powerful scheduling engine helps establish job priority and enables you to change schedules on-the-fly to see how the change may impact the entire schedule.


  • Graphical Scheduling Board: Jobs are displayed graphically in a Gantt Chart form. Clicking on any task provides full drill-down details of the job.
  • Drag ‘n Drop Tools: With one mouse click, job assignments can be changed by switching resources or changing the scheduled work dates on a single task or the entire job.
  • What if? Mode: Proposed changes can be made to view the impact they will have on the rest of the schedule before making final commitment to the change.
  • Visual Scheduling Alerts: Colors show on-time status and alert you of any resources that are over capacity or material shortages that are required for the job.
  • Finite and Infinite Scheduling: The Enhanced Scheduling Engine is uniquely able to use in-finite scheduling when on-time delivery is critical and finite scheduling when bottlenecks cannot be resolved.
  • Advanced Scheduling Engine: Analyzes job priority, due dates and resource availability to determine how to load new jobs into your schedule.
  • Work Center Calendars: Capacity of your resources is entered in work center calendars that can be adjusted on-the-fly if overtime is necessary to meet critical ship dates.
  • Material Constraints: Material shortages can greatly hinder on-time delivery. JobOps Enhanced Scheduling highlights material constraints and allows drill-downs to see if the materials that are not available in inventory can be borrowed from a job that can be completed later.

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