JobOps Manufacturing - Field Service and Dispatch Module

Integrated Service Solution

When your service needs to stand above the rest, you need the integrated JobOps Field Service & Dispatch and industry-leading Sage 100 solution. This comprehensive solution delivers more than limited import and export tools or standalone products by giving you complete end-to-end functionality from service requests to billing.

Start today by streamlining your services with our fully integrated solution. With Field Service & Dispatch, you’ll be able to manage your service tickets with ease, track costs, dispatch employees and increase your overall profitability.


  • Integrates directly to the Sage 100 inventory system
  • Graphical dispatch board helps you proactively manage schedule changes
  • Improve your overall customer experience „ Accurately schedule tasks and parts required for service calls
  • Efficiently dispatch employees for service calls
  • Capture costs for analysis
  • Track costs against contracts
  • Easily e-mail service ticket information using Microsoft Outlook
  • Reduce invoice errors and get paid faster


  • Sage 100 Integration:Integration with Sage 100 allows you to manage back office functions with your service requirements.
  • Full Services History: Full history of past service calls and warranty information of parts including serialized items. If you sold and/or produced the equipment being serviced, full details of the original build is also available including all labor and material transactions.
  • Service Ticket Dispatch Board: Using the Dispatch Board, users can click on the New Call button to quickly generate service requests and schedule the technician.
  • Available Repair Parts: Suggested repair parts alert the dispatcher of what materials are typically required. The dispatcher will also have visibility as to which service trucks currently have those parts available.
  • Service Contracts: Field Service & Dispatch addresses contract coverage, billing methods, and warranty coverage .
  • Preventative Maintenance: Service tickets are generated for the preventative maintenance schedule. Handles multiple schedules for equipment or contracted service.
  • Service Style Billing and Invoicing: Dashboard approach to billing allows for easy recording of time, materials and other expenses. Overrides allow for billing not included in the contracted coverage.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration: Once assigned to the technician, details of the service call are posted to their Outlook Calendar.
  • Technician Calendars: Available hours for each service person are clearly marked in the schedule board. Dispatchers can readily update the status of technicians who report back that they are in transit, running late, out to lunch or not currently available.
  • E-mail Notification: E-mail messages may be sent to anyone to notify them which technician has been assigned to the call along with service ticket information.

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