JobOps Manufacturing - Product Configurator Module

Configuration Tools Help Streamline Processes

You are in the business of providing custom products and services, so you need tools that help you deliver the widest range of product configurations possible. This flexibility is critical in winning competitive bids and growing your customer base. Accurately estimating the materials and resources required is a crucial step in costing and quoting a job — mistakes here directly impact the job’s profitability.

Product Configurator provides users with automated tools for accurately quoting available options for custom jobs so that they can be completed to exact customer specifications.


  • Streamline how you configure custom products and services so you can service your customers better and make more profits.
  • Speed up the quoting, estimating, order entry and production process so you can deliver jobs sooner for less costs.
  • Give your customers options by allowing them to customize your products by letting them choose size, quantity, colors and optional components — a real competitive advantage.
  • Repeat orders and growing business results when you surpass your customers expectations by giving them the ultimate in customization capabilities with their orders.


  • Step-by-Step Configuration Process: Our step-by-step configuration process walks you through a series of questions and features, which can be a specific number (i.e. length, height or quantity) or other options selected from a list or entered as text.
  • Visual Validation Aid: As features and options are selected, images of the selections are displayed on screen to validate the entries as they are made.
  • Rules-Based Configuration: Product Configurator works around a series of rules that are built when the configuration is constructed. These rules determine which features are available based upon previously entered criteria.
  • Configuration Templates: Configuration templates that include common sets of user responses can be easily created to help save time and improve efficiency.
  • Auto Build Bill of Materials (BOM): A full bill of materials is generated based on the features and options selected. Raw material requirements are scaled to the quantities and dimensional aspects of the configuration.
  • Aids Price Calculation: Price rules allow end-user pricing on selections. Optional components may be figured into the final price or charged as separate items.
  • Smart Part Numbers: A smart part code is generated to identify the parts’ unique features and options and may be used internally to label a finished good.
  • Auto Build Work Tickets: Labor requirements are calculated based on the features and options selected, which results in a multi-step router that has time and cost estimates for each phase of production.

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