JobOps Manufacturing - Time Tracker Module

Real-Time Data Collection

You’re in the business of providing custom products and services, and in doing so you must often perform multiple tasks with limited resources. Data collection is an important function that helps you reach your goal in delivering jobs on time and within budget, driving profitability. Since both time and materials have heavy costs associated with them, the ability to accurately track them is critical to your bottom line.

Time Tracker provides users with automated tools for accurately entering time on work tickets so that jobs can be completed quickly and profitably. Organizations will also benefit from many automated features that allow time and labor to be tracked and applied to their associated jobs.


  • Track labor accurately for every job so you can easily see the costs associated with labor and production.

  • Manage and control the current steps in production before going to the next stage, thereby eliminating production delays.
  • Facilitates automatic release of next product steps upon work ticket completion.
  • Accurate and timely recording of components used on work tickets as they are pulled from inventory.
  • Upload of time or parts usage from another source into Time Tracker Data Entry.
  • Integration with Sage 100 system gives you seamless workflow from the shop floor to the accounting back office.
  • Updates time entries to the Sage 100 payroll module for weekly or bi-weekly payroll.


  • Workflow Control: Manage your workflow production schedule better by allowing time to be recorded only to steps that are released to production.
  • Billable Activity Codes: Activity codes can be designated as billable so that a chargeable component can be automatically generated and assigned to the work ticket step using the activity codes or a customer’s specified billing rate.
  • Flexible Earning Codes: Earning codes can be established within the Sage 100 Payroll module or in JobOps when Payroll is not integrated. This includes multiple regular and overtime earnings codes, as well as non-worked earnings codes.
  • Flexible Time entry and reporting: Single or multiple time entry provides the ability for employees to enter their time in multiple ways. Management can also easily review time entry reports by employee or job.
  • Parts Usage Recording: Parts used on work tickets can be easily recorded along with a time entry, or standalone via a Parts Usage function.
  • Auto Issue Parts Feature: Automatically record quantities used for work ticket components when component quantities need to be front-flushed. Components can also be issued to a single work ticket step, or a range of steps for a specified work ticket.
  • Parts Import Option: Import and update parts lists and/or parts usage captured from external sources.
  • Daily Labor Register/Update: Provides summary and detailed reports of labor entries entered.
  • Periodic Labor Register/Update: Provides end of a weekly or bi-weekly pay period processing for activities such as applying overtime rules, calculating overtime costs related to work tickets, updating time entries to the Payroll Data Entry file and creating General Ledger transactions for overtime cost adjustments.

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