Sage 100 TimeCard Module

The Sage 100 TimeCard module allows employees to clock in and out within an easy-to-use interface, which reports time data back to your Sage 100 software. This module integrates tightly with payroll, saving you time on data entry, and allows you to update your job cost data without running payroll. It can also track employee vacation time, sick leave, and more. Helpful reports that come pre-loaded on this module include the Certified Payroll Report, Timecard History Report, Hourly and Salary Tracking Report, and the Time and Attendance Report, which allow you to track employee hours.

Other helpful features included in the Sage 100 TimeCard module are:

  • Certified Payroll Reports– TimeCard and the Job Cost module work in conjunction to generate certified payroll reports suitable for submission to many agencies, eliminating the need for manual reporting.
  • Simultaneous Data Entry– Increase efficiency and convenience with the ability for multiple operators to perform data entry simultaneously.
  • Integration with Payroll Employee Master File– Use the Payroll Employee Masterfile to easily pull employee defaults for earnings codes, labor codes, workers compensation, state worked, department worked, and more.
  • Track by Job Number and Cost Code– Integrate the TimeCard module with the Sage 100 Job Cost module to track real-time costs associated with a specific job without having to wait until the end of the pay cycle.
  • Smart Time Fields– TimeCard records employee in and out time, automatically calculating elapsed time and deducting break and lunch times when necessary.
  • TimeClock– TimeClock allows users to automatically collect attendance data for use in time and attendance reporting. It allows you to accurately track job costs through the ability of employees to switch job numbers without clocking out. Employees can punch in and out from any computer work station on the network, which eliminates the need for costly new equipment
  • Overtime Tracking– Monitor employee hours with the Approaching Overtime Report.
  • Security– Employees must enter the correct password to punch in and out.
  • TimeClock Convenience Features
    • Punch out of one department and in to another
    • Automatically record days absent
    • Automatically deduct lunch/break times
    • Automatic punch out if employee forgets to do so
    • Lunch schedules
    • Shift schedules
    • Attendance codes
    • Automatic break rules

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