Sage 100 ERP Software

Sage 100 ERP Software

The right software brings real value to your business. Do you leverage all the built-in tools of the software you own? All business need access to analytics and matrix tools right at their fingertips. This can help prioritize decisions based on true business value.

What is Sage 100 ERP Software and how does it bring value to your business? – Sage 100 is a modular based business process management accounting software. You select fully integrated applications to help drive your business operations more efficiently. Lastly it automates the back-office functions related to accounting, CRM, services and human resources.

Some of these are:

  1. Stakeholders can share information and establish early warning alerts for inventory and resource capacity.
  2. Manage deadlines with much better ease.
  3. Measure KPI’s for capital, ROI, growth, net and gross profitability.
  4. Organize, Maximize and prioritize work flow.
  5. Calculate the hours saved by reducing redundant tasks and automating processes

What features in Sage 100 bring the most value to small businesses?

  1. Scalability: Tool up easily by adding new functionality to the system as the business grows and the needs change.
  2. Advanced reporting:  The power of sharing information between departments effortlessly.
  3. Data Integrity: Data quality improves as best practices can be implemented and supported using this fully integrated ERP software.
  4. Lower cost of operations: Managing resources, eliminate delays and reduce your cost of operations.
  5. Integrated CRM: Improve customer relations and customer experiences.
  6. Business analytics: With accurate information you can leverage the power of intelligent analytics tools and make better decisions.
  7. Improved data access: Pinpoint control of user access.
  8. Supply Chain Management: Having the right ERP system in place means improved procurement, inventory, demand forecasting, etc., essentially improving the entire supply chain and making it more responsive.
  9. Reduced complexity and redundant tasks: Perhaps the most elegant argument in the favor of ERP systems is that they reduce the complexity of a business and introduce a neatly designed system of workflows. This makes the entire human resource chain more efficient.
  10. Built in Features for – distribution, manufacturing and field service operations.

Why do many businesses use Sage 100?

  • Strong Distribution features with powerful inventory
  • Production Management
  • Make to Order Manufacturing
  • Shop Floor Control
  • EDI nterfaces
  • Field Service Module
  • Fixed Assets Management

Top Sage 100 ERP Features

  • Accounting and finance.
  • Business intelligence and reporting.
  • Sales and customer management.
  • Purchasing and supplier management.
  • Inventory management and warehousing.
  • Manufacturing.

Latest Sage 100 Features

  • Production Management
  • Paperless Office Supports HTML formatting
  • Paperless Office supports email for attachments.
  • Auto Complete for Account numbers
  • Better error reporting
  • And many more.

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Sage 100 ERP Software

Sage 100 ERP Software

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