GetPeach Sage 50 Error

Sage 50 GetPeach Error

GetPeach Sage 50 – Crystal reports error. Are you still using the GetPeach functions with the most current version of Sage 50lcloud? Are you receiving GetPeach Error? Or with Window 10 and Sage 50 and Crystal compatibility – GetPeach Functions not working?

Crystal Reports for Sage 50 Cloud, Sage 50C, Sage 50 and PeachTree is no longer supported by Sage Software

We get these Sage 50 Crystal questions a lot

  1. Does anyone know if the Get Peach functions from Peachtree are compatible with Crystal Reports 2013?
  2. Does anyone know if the Get Peach functions from Peachtree are compatible do you need help with an alternate way to pull data from Sage 50 Accounting?
  3. We have several custom reports that utilize these functions. They worked fine on the 2008 version of Crystal Reports that was included with Sage 50 Accounting. But now that we try to use them on the 2013 standalone version, we receive the following error:
  4. “The specified module could not be found.”
  5. Functions show up fine in Crystal Reports, just will not run.
  6. Are these functions disabled in 3013? Does anyone know of an alternate way to pull from Sage 50 Accounting?


“u2lpeach.dll” should exist in Sage 50 program path. You can search for this file,

There is no longer the ability to run Crystal Reports from within the Sage menu. You can still write reports in Crystal if you have it. You can even use the “GetPeach” custom functions. But Crystal Reports can now be run only outside of Sage software.

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Updates to Sage 50 and Custom Crystal Reports may break the links – They may need to be re-linked.

After the update of Sage 50, the password may have been reset. Go into Maintain, User, Setup Security. Set password on Data Access / Crystal Reports tab.

the reports 2008 package will run against the newer versions of Sage 50. The OLE DB connections will allow for reporting via external tools. If you have a set of reports that are currently working, it may be easier to allow the users to run the CR engine to process these reports.

If need be, there are scheduling programs that allow for CR to run on a schedule.

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