QuickBooks 2021

QuickBooks 2021 Update

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QuickBooks 2021 – Intuit released the newest versions of their desktop offerings earlier this month.

This version released has several new features/enhancements including:

QuickBooks Desktop

  • Ability to Customize Payment Receipts
    • Now when you enter a customer payment, you have the ability to customize the data layout to upload your business Logo and add or remove information you wish for your customer to see.
  • Data Level Permissions (Enterprise Platinum and Diamond Subscribers)
    • Intuit has enhanced the access to control editing, viewing or deleting specific customer or vendor records and the data related to those records that he user has been authorized for.
  • Customer Groups
    • Now you can create customer groups that allow you to add rule-based lists (and emailing lists) based on fields like status, location, customer type, and open balances.
  • Enhanced Landed Cost (Enterprise Subscribers)
    • The new release allows more control and flexibility over how landed cost is calculated
  • Alternate Vendor Reports (Enterprise Subscribers)
    • Ability to show up to 4 alternate vendors with each item giving you more information to make better purchasing decisions
  • Sales Price on Barcode Labels
    • New option to add the Sales Price on the Barcode Label
  • Mandatory Serial/Lot Number Tracking Option
    • For customers with Advanced Inventory you now have the ability to set-up mandatory serial or lot number tracking for certain transactions.



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