QuickBooks Software Setup Training Illinois Support – 800.475.1047 – Support – Training – Consultant – Reseller

QuickBooks Software Setup Training Illinois Support – 800.475.1047 – Support – Training – Consultant – Reseller

QuickBooks Software Training Setup
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Begin with a solid understanding of what you need to get up & running. This class will review creating a new company and choosing the parameters to setup your system for ultimate performance and to prevent errors. This class will start by creating a new company, chart of accounts, customers, vendors, inventory items and entering beginning balances. You will have the building blocks to successfully utilize your investment. Remember to bring your QuickBooks questions.

  QuickBooks – Level 1 Introduction

New Company Setup (Express Start)                             Accounts Receivable
How to navigate QuickBooks                                          Customer Preferences
Protect your data Backup & Restore                               Statement & Invoice Preferences
QuickBooks help features                                                Sales Tax & Sales Rep Setup
Preferences                                                                     New Customer Records
General Ledger                                                               New Customer Contacts
Accounting Preferences                                                 Add’l Info / Add’l Info / Pmt Info / Job Info
New Chart of Accounts                                                   Edit  / Delete / Inactivate Customers
Subaccount of                                                                 Changing Customer Account ID’s
Chart of Account Class                                                   Customer Beginning Balances
Edit  / Delete / Inactivate Accounts                                  Inventory Items
Changing Chart of Account Id’s                                       Inventory Preferences
General Ledger Beginning Balances                                Review of Inventory Accounting COGS
New Inventory Items
Accounts Payable                                                              Edit  / Delete / Inactivate Items

Vendor Preferences                                                           Changing Inventory Item Id’s
New Vendor Records                                                        General / Custom / History Tabs
Address Info / Add’l Info / Acct Prefill                                 Inventory Beginning Balances
Edit  / Delete / Inactivate Vendors                                      Changing Vendor Account Id’s   Standard Lists
Vendor Beginning Balances   Startup Reconciliation
Questions and Answers

With over 25 years of accounting and business knowledge as well as proficient technical background you get the training and support your business needs and deserves working with a proficient expert consultant.   You can work with the same consultant to help you master your Sage Software and for those occasional questions you need help with so you can understand best practices and how to manage your company information and books.

Put our 25 years of experience to work for you!

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