Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module – 800.475.1047 – Training – Support – Consultant – Reseller

Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module – 800.475.1047 – Training – Support – Consultant – Reseller

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting helps bridge the gap between off the shelf entry level products and complex high end systems.  These modules are designed to grow with your business.

The Payroll Module in Sage BusinessWorks includes extensive employee information including pay rates, shifts, filing statuses, accrued vacation time, sick time, dates of hire, review dates, termination information, earnings totals, deductions, taxes, custom fields, notepad and more. Quickly access this information to compile paychecks, W-2’s, and both state and federal government reports. Tax tables are included for all 50 states including DC. The Payroll module also calculates tax deposits required so you don’t have to.

Max Limits in Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module:

Employees: 10,000

Characters (alphanumeric) ID Employee: 12

Custom field per Employee: 5

Vacation or Sick Pay hours to Employee: 999.99

Standard Pay Cycles: 4

Departments: 999

Overtime Rates: 3

Shift Differentials: 6

Standard Rates: Unlimited

Workers’ Compensation Codes: 99

Deductions and other pays per Employee: 15

Other Pays: Unlimited

Deductions: Unlimited

Commission Types, Piece Rates and Job Codes: 800

Hourly Pay Rate: 999.99

Entries on Time Card: 40

Time Card Earning Types: 23

Check Amount; $9,999,999.99

Deduction Amount: $99,999.99

Months to keep Checks: 60

Reports in Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module:

Check Register

Commission Reports, List, Period Activity, Totals

Company Totals

Deduction Report, List, Period Activity, Totals

Workers Compensation

Employee Direct Deposit List

Employee Master List, Name List, Phone List, Review List

Employee Reports, Earnings, History, Overtime, Vacation/Sick Pay

Other Pay Reports, List, Period Activity, Totals

Paycheck and Check Stub

Payroll Information Verification

Payroll Register

Piece Rate Reports, List, Period Activity, Totals

Standard Rate List

Minimum Wage Adjustment


General Features in Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module:

  • Make global changes to multiple employee records
  • Allocate payroll expense to multiple general ledger accounts simultaneously
  • Instant inquiry of paychecks and the breakdown of each check in the calendar year
  • Track total hours and dollars on timecard reports
  • Import time card information and employee information from a text file
  • Use cash management accounts to generate payroll checks

System Maintenance Features in Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module:

  • Maintain complete employee information
  • Store and display images of employees
  • Track information such as birthdays, certifications, last rate increase, and equipment issued etc. Essentially your payroll is a mini-HR system
  • Pay salaried, hourly, commissioned and piece-rate employees
  • Pay cycles include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly
  • Predefined pay types including holiday pay, advances, draws, base pay, overtime misc. earnings and more
  • Allows SUI/SDI for an employee to be in a state different than the employee’s SWT state
  • Payroll information maintained up to 5 years

Deduction and Other Pays Features in Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module:

  • User-defined deductions such as deferred compensation plans, dependent care benefits and pension plans
  • Maximum flexibility with employee-paid and company-paid deductions
  • Calculate workers’ compensation deductions
  • Built-in-report writer to fit your specific needs
  • Additional pay types for employee allowances, bonuses and reimbursements
  • Accumulate allocated tips as “other” pay for W-2 forms

Processing Features in Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module:

  • Employees paid the same amount each pay – standard time cards
  • Adjustment of pay if employee doesn’t reach minimum wage level
  • Use hand written checks for after the fact payroll recording
  • Track cash and charged tips for complete compensation
  • Full detailed check stubs
  • Customization for body and check stubs
  • List company paid deductions and salaried hours on check stubs
  • Electronic deposit
  • Easily void checks

Tax Features in Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Module:

  • Tax tables included for federal government, 50 states and DC which can be modified as needed
  • Calculates state and federal taxes automatically
  • Track federal and state tax liabilities and deposits
  • Track deposits by generating a tax deposit register for any given month or payroll run
  • Allow tax deposits to include penalty and overpayment amounts
  • Alerts for tax deposit liability
  • Print state and federal tax forms
  • Prints tax deposits for 940, 941, SDI and SUI
  • Print W-2’s
  • Provides ability to eFile tax forms and deposits

With over 25 years of accounting and business knowledge as well as proficient technical background you get the training and support your business needs and deserves working with a proficient expert consultant.   You can work with the same consultant to help you master your Sage Software and for those occasional questions you need help with so you can understand best practices and how to manage your company information and books.

Put our 25 years of experience to work for you!

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