Quantity Discounts in Sage 50

How do you use Quantity Discounts in Sage 50? What are Quantity Discounts in Sage 50 used for?

The Maintain Quantity Discounts window allows you to set up discounts for items based upon the quantity sold. You can set up your inventory so that when a customer purchases a specified amount of an item, its sales price is discounted by a percentage or a set amount. For example, you could give customers a 10% discount if they purchase 50 or more of a certain inventory item.

When you set up a quantity discount, you can specify up to five different quantity ranges and corresponding discounts. For example, you could create a quantity discount that gives a 5% discount if 25 or more widgets are purchased, 10% if 50 or more widgets are purchased, 20% if 100 or more widgets are purchased (and so forth), until you’ve created as many quantity discounts as you need. You can create a unique quantity discount ID for each item in your inventory, or create one quantity discount and apply it to whichever inventory items you choose. For example, you could create a discount for a seasonal sale and apply the discount to your seasonal inventory items. You could also create a separate discount specifically for lawn mowers. Quantity discounts are available for stock, master stock, non-stock, service, labor, and assembly item classes.

After you set up the quantity discounts and apply them to inventory items, the sales prices will be automatically discounted on quotes, sales orders, sales invoices, receipts, credit memos (Apply to Sales tab), memorized quotes, and memorized invoices.

Note:Quantity discounts are calculated separately for each line of a transaction. If you create a quantity discount where purchasing 40 widgets discounts the widgets by 5%, all 40 widgets must be entered on the same line in order for the discount to be calculated.

When you sell items in multi-pack units, Peachtree checks to see whether the number of units in the multi-pack meets the criteria for a quantity discount. For example, if you create a quantity discount where selling six items gives customers a discount, selling one six-pack of the item (a multi-pack unit that you created) would be treated the same as six individual units. The customer will receive the quantity discount.

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Sage 50 Inventory and Job Costing Class – 800.475.1047 – Support – Training – Consultant – Reseller

Sage 50 Software Inventory & Job Costing Class

800.475.1047 – Support – Training – Consultant – Reseller

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Sage 50 Level 5 Manufacturing & Construction

Default Information                                                                        Selling Inventory

Inventory Items                                                                         Quotes / Orders / Invoices

Review of Inventory Accounting – COGS                            Tracking COGS / Profitability

Inventory Items                                                                                      Sales Reports and Inquiries

Classes                                                                           Default Information

Add / Modify / Delete / Inactivate Items                            Job Costing Defaults

Bill of Materials and Revisions                                              Track Retainage and Burden

Custom Fields                                                                           Categorize Costs by Phase & Cost Codes

Master Stock Tables / Attributes                                    Job Setup

Manage Serialized Items                                                         Add / Modify / Delete / Inactivate Jobs

Update Item Prices                                                                  Subcontractors Insurance

Quantity Discounts                                                                  Create Job Estimates or Budgets

Units of Measure                                                                      Change Job Numbers

Change Inventory Item ID’s                                                   Recording Job Activity

Purchasing Inventory                                                                            Track Change Orders

Order or Auto Order Items on PO’s                                      Issue Inventory to a Job

Modify a Purchase Order                                                        Payroll Labor Hours from Payroll / Time Tickets

Receiving a Purchase Order                                                   Record Overhead

Enter Bills and Receipts                                                          Purchase Orders to a Job

Inventory Transactions                                                           Direct Expenses to a Job

Issue Inventory                                                               Billing Jobs

Assemblies                                                                                Percent of Contract

Work Tickets                                                                            Percent of Proposal

Customizing Work Tickets                                                    Percent of Completion

Reports                                                                                      Billing Retainage

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