Data Conversion

Data Conversion

5 Easy Steps to Data Conversion:

  1. Make 2 backups of your company software and data
  2. Print standard month end reports from the source company prior to the conversion
  3. Run the conversion
  4. Print the same reports in the newly converted company and compare them to the reports in step 1. If the conversion was successful the information on the reports should be the same
  5. Make 2 backups of your new company software and data

Data Conversion Services:

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS’s certified consultants have been helping other businesses for over 15 years convert data from legacy systems. We understand the importance and urgency involved in your vital business information being converted properly.

If you need help in the conversion of your data please contact us by calling toll free 800.475.1047 and notify the customer support representative that you are in need of senior level consultants expertise in the area of data conversion for your product line.