Sage 100 Bill of Materials Module

The Sage 100 Bill of Materials module allows users to easily track and bill the components and miscellaneous charges that compose their finished products and subassemblies. Streamline your workflow using drill-down capabilities while you track revisions to ensure that the correct bill was used. Zoom into the details with up to 99 levels of subassemblies for each bill and personalize your views so that you can easily access detailed information. The Sage 100 Bill of Materials module allows users to accurately track their costs using flexible cost roll-up reports and easily integrates with sales kits. You can even track yield and scrap so that you have the most accurate picture of your costs.

Other benefits of the Sage 100 Bill of Materials Module include:

  • Bill Revisions – Maintain different versions of the same bill simultaneously so that you can refer to old product configurations.
  • Bill Options – Nine categories of options are available in the Sage 100 Bill of Materials module, all of which have unlimited choices.
  • Up to 99 Levels – Every bill can contain up to 99 levels, allowing for maximum detail.
  • Phantom Bills – Define phantom bills by grouping components together for manufacturing purposes without building for stock.
  • Sales Kit Processing – Add or delete kit components during Sales Order Entry for single-level assemblies which are grouped as a unit upon sale.
  • Yield and Scrap Accommodation – Get a clear forecast of material requirements and final output with yield and scrap accommodation.
  • Production Entry – Add manufactured products into inventory while simultaneously decreasing the number of components.
  • Disassembly Entry – Return component materials to stock after the disassembly of manufactured products.
  • Engineering Change Control -Add or delete multiple components from a bill to record planned engineering changes.
  • Miscellaneous Charges – Include nonmaterial charges on your bills for accurate costing.
  • Cost Roll-Up Register – Accurately record the cost of each bill based upon component cost, miscellaneous charges, and yield and scrap percentages with your choice of methods.
  • Work Order Integration – Automatically merge bill of material components into a work order when the bill of materials module is integrated with the Sage 100 Work Order module.
  • MRP Module Integration – The bill of materials module integrates seamlessly with the Sage 100 Material Requirements Planning module to provide important information to the purchasing and production department.
  • Bar-Code Printing – Easily print production labels and picking sheets and turn them into bar codes to help maintain accurate records of your products and components throughout the production cycle.

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