Sage 100 Materials Requirement Planning Module

The Sage 100 Material Requirements Planning Module helps your purchasing team acquire an appropriate amount of materials for the forecasted sales in a given time period. With the helpful tools included in the Sage 100 MRP module, you can eliminate variances in forecasting and delays in shipping so that your production process can run as smoothly as possible. This helpful module enables purchasing, inventory, and production managers to run their respective departments more efficiently with a variety of helpful features. Demand in the MRP module is based on open sales orders and sales projections while supply is based on inventory stock levels and open purchase orders, integrating multiple Sage 100 modules to streamline your processes.

Helpful features included in the Sage 100 Material Requirements Planning Module include:

  • Warehouse Groups– Define one or more groups to consolidate estimations for material purchases.
  • Sales Projections– Project monthly and weekly sales projections by warehouse for each manufactured item as well as monthly and weekly sales projections by customer to accurately order raw materials.
  • MRP Generation– MRP Generation takes into consideration open sales orders, sales projections, and work order component requirements and supply based on inventory stock levels, open purchase orders, and existing work orders in order to estimate the requirement for an inventory item.
  • Automatic Generation of Work Orders– Integration with the Sage 100 Work Order Module enables your Sage 100 software to automatically create or modify all work orders with a procurement type set to “make.”
  • Action by Vendor Report– Group all vendor purchases by vendor so that you can eliminate the need for multiple calls to each individual vendor.
  • MRP by Job Report– The MRP by Job report contains the quantities needed, the projected on-hand quantities, and required dates for components needed in all outstanding bill of materials.
  • Inventory Management Integration– To access the items needed to produce finished goods, users can integrate the MRP module with the Sage 100 Inventory Management module.
  • Purchase Order Integration– When the Sage 100 Purchase Order module is integrated with the Material Requirements Planning module, the contents of a purchase order convert to the supply of an item.
  • Sales Order Integration– Integration with the Sales Order module in Sage 100 helps the MRP module recognize a sales order as demand for an item.
  • Bill of Materials Integration– Integrating the MRP module with the Sage 100 Bill of Materials module provides a detailed database of components, assemblies, and subassemblies for comparing finished goods and raw materials.
  • Work Order Integration– The Sage 100 MRP module can be integrated with the Sage 100 Work Order module to automatically update work orders through the Material Requirements Planning process, which improves work order timing.
  • For Nonmanufacturers– Distributors can also benefit from using MRP in Sage 100 on the purchasing side of their business when integrated with the Sage 100 Purchase Order and Inventory modules.

The MRP module in Sage 100 also comes with a variety of helpful reports, including the Action by Vendor Report, Auto Generate Work Orders Register, MRP by Job Report, MRP Report, Projected Demands Report and the Warehouse Group Listing. These reports provide you with a source of information to help you plan out your purchasing and production processes and can help save time and money.

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