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Service Management w/Dispatch

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Features for Dispatching:

Customer Qualification – Using the Qualification screen, users can quickly access all pertinent information about customer equipment, service and billing history.
Dispatch Entry – The Dispatch Entry screen allows users to quickly set up service calls based on priority, skill level, dates and times. Using ESC’s Complaint Codes you can quickly and accurately enter service requests. The ability to store unlimited notes allows dispatchers to enter specific information for each circumstance.
Electronic Dispatch Board – The EDB allows you to manage your service calls quickly and easily using a graphical interface with drag and drop features. Easily reschedule calls by simply dragging and dropping them onto the next available technician or day.
Integrated Mapping – ESC’s seamless integration with Microsoft MapPoint allows users to view all service calls in a geographical area and organize them in the most efficient manner, saving time, mileage, and money.
Email and Alpha Paging – Users have the ability to send all service calls to technicians via alpha numeric paging or standard email. This feature includes compatibility with desktop computers, PDA’s, handheld computers, web enabled phones, and standard alpha-numeric pagers.

Features for Service Agreements:

Time Based Service Agreements – ESC has the ability to schedule service agreements in a variety of different time periods such as, annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily.
Usage Based Service Agreements – Usage based Service Agreements allow the user to sell service contracts based on hours, copies, meter readings, mileage, and any other industry specific variable.
Automated Scheduling / Billing – The Service Agreement module will allow you to post service calls to the appropriate technician for the period of time the user specifies. In addition to posting the schedule, all invoices are posted to the sales module; reducing billing time to almost nothing.
Service Agreement Reporting – The flexible reports from the Service Agreement module will allow you to determine when agreements are going to expire, track usage rates for each customer, and allow you to do monthly forecasting.

Features for Service History:

Quick Entry Of Service History – Electronic Service Control allows you to setup pre-designated Service History Codes with descriptions and usage quantities for quick and easy entry.
Integration with Sales Invoicing – Add service history codes “on-the-fly” in sales invoicing or enter “free form” history notes directly on the invoice. All service history entries in sales invoicing automatically update the customer’s service history and use records.
Usage History Codes – ESC allows you to track usage of consumable goods such as, chemicals, copies, freon or materials and non-consumable products such as time or meter readings.
Powerful Reporting – Using ESC’s Service History reports, users are able to track a variety of service history filtered by customer, dates and special sort codes.

Features For Equipment Information:

Equipment Information – Track all important equipment information including make, manufacturer, serial numbers, installation and warranty dates.
Equipment Search – Quickly and easily look up customers based on equipment serial numbers.
Attach Equipment – ESC’s Equipment module allows users to attach equipment to dispatches and service agreements, giving the user the ability to fully track all service and maintenance calls for that piece of equipment.
Equipment Reports – The user has the ability to generate equipment reports based on warranties, installation dates, make, manufacturer, and model.