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Sage 50 Barcode Scanning – Sage 50 barcode scanning made easy! Now use smart phones / mobile devices for effective inventory management and automate time-consuming tasks such as physical counts with Sage barcoding software. EzScanIt Barcode Scanning Software for Sage 50 accounting is software that can be implemented on a rugged handheld Pocket PC or mobile device for inventory control that is separate from accounting/bookkeeping functions. Key functional areas include:


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Sage 50 Barcode Scanning Software

Effective inventory management means automating time-consuming tasks such as physical counts with bar coding software. EzScanIt Barcode Software for Sage 50 can be implemented on a mobile smartphone or on a Pocket PC and provides for maximum inventory control above and beyond what Sage 50 inventory management built into Sage 50 Accounting. EzScanIt Key functional areas include:


Sage 50 barcode scanning feature list:

  • Four-field lookup—assigns four different attributes to inventory items for easy lookup.
  • Physical counts—streamlines physical counts and creates variances and updates them as inventory transactions to Sage 50.
  • Job charges—monitors inventory levels per job and can issue inventory to a Sage 50 Job
  • Purchasing – receive Sage 50 purchase Orders and update them to Sage 50 as invoices “waiting on a bill” and receive blind receipts.
  • Sales—ship Sage 50 sales orders and update them to Sage 50 as invoices “waiting to be printed” and create sales invoices on the fly.
  • Serialized inventory support—communicates with Sage 50 to provide serial number data for shipping and receiving documents and updates inventory accordingly.
  • Barcodes and label creation—supports industry-standard bar code symbol sets and standard label formats. 1 Barcode label included with purchase.


Sage 50 Barcode Scanning – Advanced Barcode Software

State-of-the-art bar coding hardware and software that integrate with familiar Sage 50 Advanced selection interfaces allow for easy, professional, and accurate labeling. Key functional areas include:

  • Supports all standard bar code formats.
  • Designs different label forms and sizes.
  • Implements logos and images on labels.
  • Prints bar coded item numbers and aliases.
  • Prints bar coded lots and serial numbers.
  • Includes fields from the item database.

Barcode V2.5 helps to promote accuracy in your shipping and receiving departments by providing barcode scanning capabilities. Barcode V2.5 gives your users the flexibility to work out in the warehouse and update Sage 50 upon returning to a workstation. Sage 50 Accounting and EzScanIt for Sage 50 work together to capture data and update Sage 50 Accounting.


Original Sage 50 barcode Scanners – 2001 – 2019 Barcode v2.5 Hardware:

We studied scanners and printers so that we could pick what we considered to be the most versatile and the greatest value, and also available at a price conducive to being included in a software/hardware package. The scanner and printer described below best meet those criteria. Barcode works with many other decode barcode scanners and printers.


Metrologic MS9540 barcode02


8800 Zebra LP/TLP 2844barcode04


Voyager Symbol PPT




Sage 50 Barcode Scanner – Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the Operating System Requirements for Sage 50 barcode scanners:

Windows 10 or Windows 11


What is include in the Sage 50 Barcode Scanner Package?

  • Physical Counts
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Barcode Labels

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