Maximize HR and Employee ROI with Sage HRMS! 

Sage HRMS is changing the way businesses are managing and leveraging the effectiveness of their company’s HR and their most important asset – their employees.  Sage HRMS manages common HR functions including but not limited to employee compensation, benefits, and performance with self-serve solutions. Call to schedule your free demo 800-475-1047.

Protect and extend your software investment with Sage HRMS!

Offering a variety of customizable service plans to reduce time, use of resources, effort, and costs of operating. Sage HRMS is the wisest HR investment you’ll make this year. As the most comprehensive, customizable human resource management solution available for small businesses. Sage HRMS accelerates efficiency and precise decision-making across the entire HR platform.

Sage, the industry-leading business management software provider, developed Sage HRMS in accordance with its high standards in all aspects of business management software. As a result, Sage HRMS is an unparalleled singular solution to the multiple inherent challenges HR faces in today’s business climate.

Converting challenges into solutions and streamlining struggles into seamless processes, Sage HRMS provides a host of customizable solutions-based HR features including robust workforce analytics and employee data including skills, insurance, and demographics!

With flexible tech built around your needs, your time is freed up so you can focus on your people while capitalizing on these

Additional benefits:   

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  • Payroll Management & Processing
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Employee Submitted Data
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Recruiting & On-boarding
  • Talent Management
  • Risk Mitigation & Compliance
  • Decision Support

 Let’s take a look at the Sage HRMS advantage in more detail!

 Paperless processing

From payroll and benefits to performance reviews, cloud-based employee self-service and much more, Sage HRMS automates all paper-based processes showing that it truly is a singular solution to multiple HR processes.

While you’re going green, saving time, cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and immediately accessing and reviewing employee information, your employees are able to access their own personnel records instead of relying on HR to do it for them.

Payroll management through the cloud

Eliminate the time clock. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Sage HRMS presents self-service to both managers and employees.  Offer your entire financial team a robust tool for on-time, complete payroll processing – customized according to your specific payroll needs and preferences.

No redundant data entry 

As a singular solution to multiple processes, Sage Human Resource Management Software allows you to capture, track, and maintain all employee life cycle data from 1 single entry. Coupled with employee submitted data, this feature translates to an immediate reduction in the time you currently spend on routine data entry tasks.

Diminished Employee Turnover – Enhanced Employee and Company Information Tracking, Analysis, and Communications 

Let’s face it! Employee turnover and under-productivity is costly. Often this cost is vastly underestimated.  The true costs of loss of productivity, declining team morale, and new-hire training are rarely accurately factored into the equation.

But companies that are applying the power of Sage Human Resource Management Software are managing and tracking employee development and retention and realizing the impact that efficient, data-based talent management has on their employee ROI.

Everyday Sage HRMS is affecting companies’ ability to track and manage the entire HR process – from filling open positions, matching people and positions, tracking training-based requirements and skills development, managing successions, and facilitating employees’ understanding of the organization’s strategy, structure, and goals.

Employee Attendance and Time Management

Sage HRMS enables you to address every kind of absence and maximize time management of the entire workforce. With the full set of features, you can monitor levels of absence from regular leaves to FMLA while also tracking time-off related to incident-based absences like sick days, vacation days, medical leaves, jury duty, and bereavement.

And you’ll efficiently be doing all this while remaining fully compliant with state and federal regulations!

Benefits Enrollment and Management

A competitive benefits package is one of the strongest ways to attract and keep the best talent. The Benefits Enrollment feature when combined with Sage HRMS offers automated employee communications which saves you time and paperwork while enabling employees to take a proactive role in their benefits decisions.

Automated employee communication of benefits enrollment, data, and health insurance empowers employees to self-manage open enrollment and life events which significantly contributes to employee satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Engage, Retain, Develop and Manage Top Talent

Save time as your company grows! Sage Human Resource Management affords you the ability to decrease employee turnover, further engage committed employees, and identify internal candidates for leadership roles. These outcomes are realized naturally through Sage’s fully Integrated HRMS features.

Be assured with Sage Human Resource Management Software!

As your business grows and its needs evolve, Sage HRMS assures you’ll have access to the   HR processes and solutions you need – as you need them – to overcome each new HR challenge and reach each new milestone. For a Complimentary Demo Give us a call 800-475-1047. The discovery and Demo process for Human Resource Management Software s explicitly used to answer your various questions, address your concerns and confirm that Sage HRMS is the right fit to help manage your growing business.

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