Sage 50cloud Barcode Scanner – EzScanIt

Fully Integrated Inventory Management

Sage 50 Barcode Scanner – Receive purchase orders, Ship sales orders, perform physical inventory counts and print barcode labels

for any Sage 50 Inventory item including inventory items that are serialized.

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You can make your job with Sage 50 so much easier with this tool. Sage 50 has great inventory capabilities and is very simple to set up and use.

The ability to ship existing Sage 50 sales orders and automatically record them as UN-printed customer sales invoices.

You can receive Sage 50 purchase orders and have them recorded as Vendor ‘waiting on a bill’ purchases

During the physical inventory count take some or all of your items to a handheld device to easily automate your count process. Once the variance report is generated and reviewed inventory adjustments are sent to Sage 50. As a result, the Sage 50 quantity on hand will agree with the actual physical count.

Print Sage 50 barcode labels for one, multiple or all of your Sage 50 inventory items.

If you are a Sage 50 user this is a familiar window showing the inventory item list. You simply launch a barcode label generator and define which items you want to print barcode labels for.

The EzScanIt barcode label printing module can print most barcode label sizes. You can print multiple labels for a single item, print multiple item labels or you can print barcode labels for all your inventory items.

We hope this helps you understand the basics of EzScanIt. To set up a discovery call and for a demo give us a call Accounting Business Solutions 800-475-1047 or visit We look forward to speaking with you soon.