Units of Measure (U/M) in Sage 50

How do you use units of measure in Sage 50? What are units of measure in Sage 50 used for?

The Maintain Units/Measures window allows you to set up new units/measures (U/M), other than the Stocking U/M, for purchasing or selling inventory items. In this window, you can set up new units/measures, change the ID for, and delete existing units/measures.

Note: You can access this window only if you have selected the option to Enable Multi-Packs and buying and selling items in different units/measures in the Inventory Item Defaults window.

If you purchase or sell items in bulk or in multi-pack units, create new units/measures to accommodate bulk sales or purchases. This saves you time because you won’t have to enter a new item for each unit/measure of an item that you buy or sell. By creating a new unit/measure based on the stocking unit, you can purchase and sell the multi-pack unit and the single units contained in the multi-pack.

You can set up as many units/measures as you need, but you can only assign two U/Ms to an inventory item: one for sales and one for purchases.


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