Sage Fixed Assets

Optimize all of your fixed assets management processes with Sage Fixed Assets!

Businesses, government entities, and nonprofits – Your search for the best Fixed Asset Management Software is over!

Sage Fixed Assets, Ranked first in’s top 10 vendor picks report, has a host of features that enable you to plan for future fixed assets while managing and tracking your current fixed assets throughout the entire asset life cycle. For a Complimentary Demo, Give us a call at 800-475-1047. The discovery and Demo process for Sage Fixed Assets Management Software s explicitly used to answer your various questions. During this demonstration, we can address your concerns and confirm that Sage Fixed Assets is the right fit to help manage your growing business.

With customizable and scalable ROI-generating solutions, You can:

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  • Plan more strategically
  • Forecast expected depreciation
  • Track more expeditiously
  • Elevate the accuracy of your budgets
  • Accelerate workflow management and report generation
  • Be fully, securely compliant

You can’t afford errors, omissions, and oversights!  But you can Fixed Assets Software from Sage!

Versatile and dynamic, Sage Fixed Assets assures optimal fixed asset management across the entire spectrum while delivering an ROI on average in 3- 6 months regardless of the current size of your business!

Whether your business is small or on its way to medium or scaling into a large corporation, Sage Fixed Assets Management expands with you as your business grows and your fixed asset management needs to escalate.

Realize tremendous savings by accelerating the efficiency and accuracy of your fixed assets management!

Often overlooked as a means of saving your company time and money, efficient fixed assets management yields fantastic savings in time, insurance, depreciation deductions, taxes, and audit fees!

Protect yourself from inefficient management of your fixed assets!  Without the powerful capabilities provided by Sage Fixed Assets, substandard management of fixed assets like buildings, transportation, manufacturing and office equipment, and land commonly occurs. When this happens, the accuracy of your financial reports is jeopardized, which can prompt huge losses in depreciation deductions and put your entire bottom line at risk.

So, rest assured – with flexible ease of integrating new features and products, Sage Fixed Assets’ functionality increases concurrently with your business’ growth and revenue.

This is the time to move to Sage Fixed Assets. 

Let’s face it! Your business depends on numerous assets to succeed. All of these assets –

  • Machinery and equipment for more efficient operations,
  • Real estate and company-owned vehicles to expand regional reach,
  • Hardware and software to advance and enhance all corporate processes –

It must be precisely monitored and managed.

Yet trying to manually organize, track, and maintain each asset can be a nearly impossible feat. Sage Fixed Assets consolidates all of this information into a centralized repository, providing a single contact point for managing all of them.  This makes asset location recording quicker and asset archiving much simpler.

But, the ease of workflow doesn’t end there. Sage Fixed Assets heightens and streamlines accurate depreciation and compliance regulation processes, including over 300,000 U.S. and Canadian regulations for businesses, governments, and nonprofits.

These capabilities make Sage Fixed Assets an ideal platform for midsize and large enterprises that oversee a substantial property inventory. And for small companies on their pathway to growth.

Seamlessly integrating with your current accounting system, Sage Fixed Assets allows you to share your fixed assets data with other programs that use popular formats such as PDF, XLS, HTML, and XML.

Take a closer look at the distinctive advantages of Sage Fixed Assets’ core products.

Sage Fixed Assets – Planning- View PDF

Sage Fixed Assets Planning gets the most out of your fixed assets during each phase of construction – building, upgrading, and renovating.  Easily manage both expensed and capitalized assets. And, through “Project Snapshot”, instantly access vital project information at a glance.

Allowing you to account for every asset at every stage, Sage Fixed Assets – Planning works with you as you manage every project you need to manage – regardless of its size or type. Then, when the assets are ready to be used, you can efficiently create them in Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation.

Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation- View PDF

Sage Fixed Assets Deprecation takes you from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

As tax and financial rules and exemptions continuously change, you must stay current. Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation delivers regular, on-time updates on all financial rules, regulations, and tax law changes so you remain fully compliant with on your company’s assets acquisition, depreciation, and disposal.

You are assured accurate deprecation calculations with access to over 50 depreciation methods. These include ACRS, MACRS 150 and 200 percent formulas and tables, Sum-of-the-Year Digits, Declining Balance, and Straight-Line and Modified Straight-Line formulas and tables.

With over 30 user-ready reports, Sage Fixed Assets–Depreciation allows allocation of cost and depreciation for groups of assets – or an individual asset – to more than just one funding source.

Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking – View PDF

When looking for a fixed asset tool, it’s essential to find a solution that logs comprehensive histories to help you track all of your physical assets.

Sage – the leading provider of business management software – fully understands that fixed asset management solutions should include a variety of depreciation scheduling methods.

But your fixed asset management capabilities shouldn’t end there. Sage Fixed Assets bundles the above features with robust asset tracking, tax, and compliance management. Full of drill-down reporting capabilities and general ledger export or integration tools.

State-of-the-art barcoding functionality powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile barcode readers lets you conduct multiple inventories at multiple sites while reconciling data from one location!

And with over 40 customizable fields, you can easily enhance your data entry with images, photos, or notes to distinguish each asset record clearly.

An established solution for Accounting Administrators, CPAs, CFOs, and asset managers in all industries and corporations.  Sage Fixed Assets is a highly endorsed, widely recommended, reliable solution for all aspects of fixed asset management.

Take a look at who is benefiting – in savings and efficiency. 

  • Corporate accountants managing fixed assets
  • CFOs striving to optimize business efficiencies and plan capital budgets
  • Government asset managers complying with GASB 34/35 standards
  • CPAs provide tax, depreciation, and auditing services to clients
  • Nonprofit executives seeking to gain maximum leverage from already strained resources

Take the next best step and bring the benefits of Sage Fixed Assets to your company today!   

For a Complimentary Demo, Give us a call at 800-475-1047. The discovery and Demo process for Sage Fixed Assets Management Software s explicitly used to answer your various questions. During this demonstration, we can address your concerns and confirm that Sage Fixed Assets is the right fit to help manage your growing business.

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