Features Sage 50 2019

Features Sage 50 2019

These new features included tighter Microsoft integration and we can’t wait to share them with you. We can help you understand how to use all the new and advanced features. These improved features help you run a more efficient back office accounting department, speed up invoicing, cash flow and much more. Built in accounting best practices, intuitive navigation and robust features make this a must have for small business. There are already tens of thousands of other small businesses leveraging this software.

Microsoft Outlook Connection

New features include the ability to automatically sync Microsoft Outlook contacts and Sage 50cloud contacts saving you time. Access customer balance information, credit limits, contact details, and order history even when you are away from the office.

Sage 50 Cloud Backup

Make Sage 50 Cloud backup a part of your Disaster Recovery plan. You get security and peace of mind with automated data back-ups stored offsite, in the cloud. Using Sage 50 Cloud backup you will never be stuck again without a recent backup.

Microsoft Office Business Premium

This new bundle gives you the award winning Sage 50Cloud software and Microsoft Office Suite. Stay current with your versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. This added benefit helps you effortlessly manage your technology platforms.One convent payment covers your core business solutions, your accounting package and your office suite.

Microsoft Office Business Premium and Sage 50Cloud

Sage 50cloud leverages the power of Microsoft Office 365 freeing up key data. Access your information from anywhere anytime along with a range of integrated apps. It integrates with Office 365 Business Premium and the full Microsoft Small Business Productivity Suite, saving you time and costs and boosting productivity. Easily manage your customer information, create a quote and convert them to sales orders and invoices with a simple click.

Accounts Payable Expense management

Keep your expenses organized and up to date. Record your purchases and expenses so you never miss a payment. You stay in control of your cash 24/7.

Sage 50 Dashboards

At-a-glance dashboards instantly lets you view available cash, receivables, expenses, inventory on hand, and so much more. The Dashboard tab view is customizable.  You can access the business performance dashboard and the Trends Forecast dashboard from the desktop and is only available for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting . Instantly take the pulse of you business in one convent place.


Payroll must be accurate and on time, every time. Sage 50 payroll is affordable easy to setup and simple to use. Payroll can be added to the core Sage 50Cloud software for a twelve month period at any time. To make sure you stay compliant with your payroll taxes this service is renewed annually. It makes it easier to pay employees, track benefits, and Aatrix helps you easily report taxes.

Advanced Reporting

Standard reports include reports on sales, taxes, upcoming expenditures, commissions profits everything you and your accountant need to analyze business performance. You can take your reporting to the next level by adding the power of Sage Intelligence or Microsoft Power BI and instantly get advanced Sage 50 custom report on Microsoft Power BI. We can help you build out the Sage 50Cloud advanced reports you need to take an accurate pulse of your business.


Sage 50Cloud 2019

Features Sage 50 2019

Sage Timeslips Training

Features QuickBooks 2019

Features QuickBooks 2019

These are so many newly added and improved QuickBooks 2019 features we can’t wait to show them to you. Give us a call to schedule your free review and discover for your self the power of QuickBooks Software. Providing Sales, Support and private training for all versions of QuickBooks Software.


1 to 30 users  – with the most powerful version of QuickBooks, and never give up access or control.

Go for the gold and get more than 6x the capacity of any other QuickBooks software product. Now you have support for hundreds of thousands of users, items, and vendors.

So much more robust functionality file payroll taxes, pay employees, accept payments, track inventory, and run reports.

Industry Specific

Now thee are versions dedicated to contractor, manufacturing & wholesale, nonprofit, retail, and professional services. QuickBooks Enterprise has versions designed specifically for your industry. Industry editions provide specialized features, like customized chart of accounts and critical reports targeted to your type of business. This helps you can do more in less time all in your software.

More Features in Advanced Inventory

If you need more control, to adapt quickly, reorder, and fulfill your customers’ needs. Now with Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship functionality, you can easily manage sales orders from a central dashboard. We can help with the barcode add on for QuickBooks that makes inventory control a snap.

Payroll made easier

Go papeless using the new features in QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll. Create unlimited paychecks, use free direct deposit, file payroll taxes, and generate W-2s  with no monthly fees. Make your year end easier and simplify tax time.

Quickly and Easily Collect your money

Using QuickBooks Payments streamline your collections process. Enterprise automatically updates and sends payments directly to the bank, so you’ll always know what your bottom line is and have more in your pocket.

Advanced Powerful QuickBooks 2019 Reporting

There are multiple options for Advanced Reporting and we can help you understand the one that will work best for you. You can copy existig reports and modify them or build them from scratch. Easy templates let you create reports specifically for your industry. Automatically fill in your company data and view reports without even having to export into Excel.

Field Service for QuickBooks

Field Service Management for QuickBooks connects your back office and service technicians. It makes it so easy to schedule and manage more jobs. It tells you where your technicians are what they are doing. With real-time updates from the field, job scheduling, and on-the-spot invoicing so you get paid faster.

For time and billing add on for QuickBooks for engineers and professional services.

Sage 50 2019

Sage 50 2019 – Is it time to make the decision to use the most versatile small business accounting software?

What are the System Requirements for Sage 50 2019

  • Processor operating frequency:
    • Pro and Premium Edition: 1.0 GHz or higher (2.0 GHz recommended)
    • Quantum and Accountant Edition: 2.0 GHz or higher (Multiple-core processor operating at 2.33 GHz recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM. Recommended 6 GB RAM
  • 4 GB hard disk space (additional 1 GB needed for installation)
  • Latest version of Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft® supported version of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (with the latest updates from Microsoft)
  • 256-colour or higher SVGA monitor, minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Forms that can be sent via email require MAPI-compliant email client, Internet connection, and email service
  • Sage 50cloud integration to Microsoft Office 365 requires Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • Multiuser (Premium and higher) optimized for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Dedicated server recommended: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Small Business Server 2008 R2
  • Terminal Services: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R
  • High speed Internet connection (for subscribed Sage online services, for example, Sage Drive)

Integration with other software packages

  • Word and Excel integration requires 32-bit versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016

Conversion: Converts all data from previous versions of Sage 50 starting with Sage 50 Accounting Release 2014.0. And yes it is possible to convert to a lower-level version or edition. As a national leading provider of Sage 50 professional services we have performed hundreds of updates to the most recent version.

Sage 50 2019


Learn how to use the software quickly and efficiently


We can help convert your lists and balances to make the transition or upgrade easy for you.

Spend more time on your business, less time on your books give us a call or visit www.jcscomputer.com


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QuickBooks 2019

QuickBooks 2019 – Sales, Support & Training

QuickBooks 2019 – Are you ready to move up? Demonstrations to discover your business needs to see how this powerful accounting software can works for you.

What are the System Requirements for QuickBooks 2019?

  • Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 Update 1, or Windows 10 update/version supported by Microsoft
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or SP2, 2012 R2, or 2016
  • 2.4 GHz processor
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 2.5 GB disk space recommended (additional space required for data files)
  • 4x DVD-ROM drive (unless user is downloading from Intuit server)
  • Payroll and online features require Internet access (1 Mbps recommended speed)
  • Product registration required
  • Optimized for 1280×1024 screen resolution or higher. Supports one Workstation Monitor, plus up to 2 extended monitors. Optimized for Default DPI settings.

Integration with Other Software

  • Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Office 2010 SP2 – 2016, or Office 365 (32 and 64 bit)
  • E-mail Estimates, Invoices and other forms with Microsoft Outlook 2010-2016, Microsoft Outlook with Office 365, Gmail, and Outlook.com, other SMTP-supporting e-mail clients. App integration with QuickBooks POS v18.0.
  • Transfer data from Quicken 2016-2018, QuickBooks Mac 2016 and Microsoft Excel 2010 SP2, 2013, 2016, Office 365 (32 and 64 bit)

Browser Requirement

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Landed Cost Sage 100

What you need to know about Sage 100 Landed Cost

Can freight expenses be paid before the receipt of inventory and the corresponding invoice? – Using Sage 100 there is a way to set up landed cost if you are a distribution or manufacturing company and need to add the additional costs to the original cost of an inventory item.

Landed Cost

Referred to as landed cost the answer is yes. Freight expenses can be paid before the receipt of inventory and the corresponding invoice. Prepayments are usually recorded in Sage 100 Manual Check and payment entry. In addition they can be included in Sage 100 Invoice Payment Selection, Sage 100 Transaction Journal Entry  and Sage 100 general journal entry. These prepaid freight expenses can be allocated to inventory. In addition to meeting the conditions listed for the allocation of standard freight, you must also assign an account number in the Prepaid Freight Expense Account field in Purchase Order Options. This account is credited during the Receipt of Goods / Invoice Data Entry update. The original posting recorded in the Accounts Payable or General Ledger module is then reversed.


An example of landed cost can be illustrated as a $312.00 invoice processed in Receipt of Goods Entry, with $50.00 of the freight expense prepaid. These posting reverses an entry to prepaid freight that was originally recorded in the Accounts Payable or General Ledger module.

The following are the effect to the Sage 100 general ledger after all transactions are recorded and have been updated.

  G/L Account Debit Credit
Item Receipt (Product A) Inventory – Product A   75.00  
Item Receipt (Product B) Inventory Product B 225.00  
Invoice Amount Accounts Payable   250.00
Prepaid Freight Amount Prepaid Freight Expense ______   50.00
    300.00 300.00

For more information about Sage 100 Support visit www.jcscomputer.com or give us a call 800.475.1047

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Sage Timeslips Training

Sage 100 Landed Cost

Sage 100 Landed Cost

Sage 50 Errors

Sage 50 Errors

What do you do when you receive Sage 50 Errors Messages especially if you are on an unsupported version of Sage 50? You may need some instruction and assistance getting thru this and we are here to help.

Due to a required upgrade to Actian Zen v13 (formerly Pervasive) in the Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2020.0 release scheduled in July 2019, SAN members and Certified Consultants/Partners supporting clients on older versions of Sage 50 or Sage 50cloud will no longer be able to maintain versions prior to 2019, along with 2020 on the same computer.

The Pervasive License Check for Sage 50 US versions 2018.2 and earlier specifically look for a Pervasive version 11 license key. When you install Sage 50 US 2020.0, Pervasive will upgrade to version 13 Actian Zen on the machine. As part of this upgrade, Pervasive/Actian makes the v11 keys inactive, leaving the new v13 keys. This will cause the earlier version of Sage 50 to no longer work as it will not have the proper key.

It is also important to note that Sage 50 2018.2 and earlier versions are no longer customer-supported releases, so if you need help please call to discuss your upgrade options.

For Sage 50 Errors or to Upgrading your old Sage 50 accounting product to latest Sage 50 software version call for the best software pricing toll free.

For more information on how to resolve error messages visit www.jcscomputer.com

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Sage 50Cloud Physical Inventory Count

Sage 50cloud Physical Inventory count

EZScanIt is the Sage 50 Barcode Addon

Maximize your performance With EZScanIt Inventory Management Software. This software is designed, fully integrated and made just for Sage 50cloud. This application works with all your Sage 50Cloud information. It reads inventory items, sales orders, purchase orders and comes with the ability to print barcode labels. Using this software you can get work completed quickly and manage your Sage 50 inventory in a snap. Visit Sage 50 Support

This is the only barcode scanning software on the market that uses your Sage 50 data. Yes, the same data you have already set up in your Sage 50cloud software package. This Sage 50 Barcode Inventory System is an affordable inventory management software. It will help you reduce costs. You can increase efficiencies, minimize your time and efforts using sage 50cloud physical inventory count

EzScanIt Demo

This video revels how to use EZScanIt Barcode add-on for Sage 50 to perform Sage 50cloud physical inventory Counts. Other names this software goes by is:

  • 2020 Sage 50cloud
  • 2019 Sage 50C
  • Sage 50
  • Peachtree Accounting

Sage 50 BarCode add on for Sage 50Cloud. Ship, receive, print barcode labels and perform physical inventory counts for Sage 50 software using your data from your Sage 50 company data files. No need to set up a second software application and maintain two sets of data files.

Most businesses write the counts on paper and then calculate the differences. They they manually enter the adjustments. A barcode scanner allows you to more quickly take a physical inventory count, update the inventory adjustments into Sage 50 and print a physical inventory variance report. If you want to easily finish your work you can use these features to help you get it done.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS provides support, training and consulting for Sage 50 all versions. Put our 30 years of experience to work for you and we can share with you best practices for using Sage 50 Accounting software. For more information visit www.jcscomputer.com or call 800.475.1047


Sage Timeslips Training

Sage 50Cloud Physical Inventory Count BarCode Sage 50

BarCode Sage 50

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Sage BusinessWorks Support

Sage BusinessWorks Support

JCS provides Sage BusinessWork support. JCS is a reseller dedicated to the sale and support of the accounting solution BusinessWorks across the USA. Offering additional services such as upgrade assistance and training to help you get the most out of Sage BusinessWorks. We can help you set up this system to best suite your business needs. Our goal is to help you be successful using this powerful small business accounting software tool.

Sage BusinessWorks has a modular design and is a great tool for small and medium-sized businesses. BusinessWorks combines robust features such as serial number tracking and multiple warehouse. There are management capabilities including multiple costing and pricing methods for complete inventory management.

Sage Software – support tasks commonly performed by accounting departments. This tool allows buyers to regulate payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. If you are using payroll there is a module that will satisfy this need and we can help you get this set up thru Sage Software.

There are many new features found in Sage BusinessWorks 2019 and more to come. This software solution by Sage gives you visibility into your company information and helps you find where you are making money and where you are not.

We can provide private training sessions for new and existing employees. Delivering to your business skill sets to help you get the job done. One or many of your staff members can take interactive training at the same time.

If you need to set up a call to review your current version and take a look at upgrading we can have a specialist set up a meeting for you. Then we can provide and estimate on the cost of the software as well as upgrade services.

For more information visit www.jcscomputer.com or give us a call at 800.475.10478 for Sage Software sales on Sage Businessworks support. For Sage 50 Support 

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sage Businessworks support

Sage Timeslips Training

business works

Business Works

Version 2019 New Features

Sage Business Works new features in version 2019, SP1 & SP2 are as follows. This was released in the last few months by Sage Software. When you need assistance upgrading your Sage BusinessWorks reach out solutons@jcscomputer.com to learn more.

System Manager for Sage BusinessWorks now includes 3 major changes. They will make your management of the Sage software easier.

  • Removal of the Pervasive System Analyzer and keyhelp.ocx file.
  • When a drive location is not valid in the Select Backup File Name option. A new window will display with the message – The specified file location or name (COMPANY.ZIP) is invalid, please try again.
  • Sage Exchange Payments has been renamed to reflect Paya.

General Ledger has the following enhancements.

  • GL Import Journal Entries will not allow the import of dollar amounts with more than 2 decimal places.
  • 10 digit limit for retained earnings – has been added to abort the update and provide a warning and  close.
  • Journal Entries no longer import with incorrect dates.
  • Journal entry will show an error in the exception report if an imported entry is out of balance.

Pertaining to Cash Management for Business Works and your CPA will love these items.

  • Help has been added to describe the Cash Management cash balances for Calculated and Actual totals.
  • All deposits now export when using Cash Management Custom Exports, including those from AR and from CM.

Accounts Payable there is only one major addition of features.

  • you can now export a new Aging Report named Exportable Aging Report.

Accounts Receivable/Order Entry New features.

  • The aging report now properly reflects adjustments, open credits, and deposits
  • Save current setting options have been added to the printing selection for AR Reprint Invoices, AR Reprint Credit Memos, and AR Reprint Debit Memos.
  • Part History in Maintain Sales Orders no longer shows part id duplicated.

Payroll now eliminates errors in your reporting with this release.

  • Box 12 now has unlimited deductions in Payroll.
  • For W2 reporting Payroll box 12 codes GG and HH are not included.
  • Payroll Verification Report now correctly handles rate changes to 0.000 or .0001

Inventory control features now include the following two items.

  • On the first order you no longer receive the “Purchase Order # not on file” error
  • Inventory Transaction Detail Report now they have added transaction dates with the year


also available Sage Timeslips  Training



QuickBooks Software Options

QuickBooks Software Options

QuickBooks Enterprise

If you have outgrown your QuickBooks Pro and need more power QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 19.0 delivers robust, easy-to-use, advanced functionality. Intuit has over 200 approved add on applications. They integrate with Enterprise to expandable and customizable your QuickBooks Software Options to meet your unique business needs

QuickBooks Advanced Pricing

Now with robust customer pricing available in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise this subscription-based feature allows for expanded customer level pricing. QuickBooks Advanced Pricing lets you control, customize, and automate your pricing, right from within your QuickBooks Enterprise desktop. You can stop looking thru excel or in your manual files for this information. You define the price rules and Advanced Pricing will do the calculations and we can provide information on your QuickBooks Software Options.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting

Access your company files anytime from anywhere and allow your team better access. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting allows your data to be protected 24/7. Allow your team to work in your company data file no matter where they are or what device they use. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting can be accessed using a Mac, PC or Tablet.

QuickBooks Support Services

Contact our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors to learn how this solution can work for you. We have been partnering with businesses like yours for over 30 years.  Our certified ProAdvisor’s provide independent QuickBooks Consulting, Training and Setup Services and to review your QuickBooks Software Options. Visit us at www.jcscomputer.com or give us a call toll free 800.475.1047


QuickBooks Software

Sage Timeslips Training

Accounting Software Training