Previewing Crystal Reports in Sage 50

Previewing Crystal Reports in Sage 50

Learn how to Preview Crystal Reports for Sage 50

Crystal Reports can be previewed from Sage 50 when the report is displayed in the Crystal Reports Viewer. The viewer automatically refreshes a report when opened, but refreshing the report ensures that the most recent data appears on the report preview. Follow these steps to see how easy previewing a Crystal Report in Sage 50 using the Crystal Reports Viewer is!

  • In Sage 50, select Reports, Crystal Reports from the main menu. The Select a Report window opens.
  • In the Report List, highlight Vendor Balance Graph v9and click the Preview button or double-click Vendor Balance Graph v9. Crystal Reports for Sage 50 starts.
  • Refresh Report Data to ensure that the report is displaying the most recent information by selecting the Refresh Icon (lightning bolt).
  • Once you have finished previewing the report, select Close to close the Crystal Reports Viewer window and return to Sage 50.
  • Click Close to return to the Sage 50 desktop.

Learn More about Crystal Reports and Sage 50.

  • Beginning with Release 2015, Crystal Reports is no longer accessible from within Sage 50—U.S. Edition
  • Custom Crystal Reports reports can still be used with Sage 50, but must be opened from the Crystal Reports application
  • Upgrading to Release 2015 does not remove the Crystal Reports files (.RPT files) from your company directory
  • To use customizable reports from within Sage 50, it is recommended to utilize Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting
  • SAP Crystal Reports can be purchased at

If you would like to learn more about how to use Crystal Reports in Sage 50 and Sage 50cloud, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offers technical assistance and training classses, as well as a Crystal Reports for Sage 50 class. For Sage 50 support and training, call us today at 800-475-1047. Sage Timeslips Services

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