Do you have a QuickBooks Year End Partner?

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS provides QuickBooks year end close instruction to help you gain insights as you grow. Once you understand the proper sequence you can quickly close each area of your QuickBooks Software. Our top priority is to empower your business by providing a year end close checklist outlining the steps to successfully close one year and open the next in QuickBooks

Find a comprehensive range of QuickBooks resources on accounting, operations and advanced software features. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS’ impact on the growth and profitability of small businesses begins by offering the Free QuickBooks Year End Checklist in excel. A detailed outline of tasks to be done allows businesses to stay on track during the busy time of closing out financial and operational reporting at the end of the year.


As an Authorized training, consulting  and sales go to for QuickBooks, the JCS team of highly skilled QuickBooks consultants understands the importance of the Year End Checklist which can be tailored to your business. Preparing for the Year-End is easy by referencing JCS’ Year End Checklist. Identify areas that need attention before you begin the year end close. It then becomes easy to measure the health of your system and feel confident you are ready to mark the period closed and move forward into the new year in QuickBooks.

Resources For QuickBooks Year End

QuickBooks Year End Checklist

Year End Checklist

Request your free QuickBooks Year End Checklist offered by Accounting Business Solutions by JCS. Get organized and stay on track during year end. This easy to use excel spread sheet is broken down by period, quarter and year. Spend your free time to increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency. Send us an email and request your free Year End Checklist.

QuickBooks Year End

QuickBooks Year End

There is not a hard close in QuickBooks during the period or year end close. However you can set a password so users can not create transactions in periods that have been reconciled and closed.

QuickBooks Year End Close

Year End Backup

One of the most asked questions is how to make a QuickBooks backup? Review the instructions under the FAQ to see how easy it is to create a backup and how many choices you have. Most often we recommend using the copy company function to create a history company to easily be able to view information that may be condensed as your company file size grows.

QuickBooks Year End Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a Year End Backup?

One of the most asked questions about QuickBooks year end is how do I create a backup of my QuickBooks company data files? The steps are easy, navigate to the file option in the upper left corner of your QuickBooks task bar. You can make a local backup to your computer’s hard drive or a specific location on your network. If you would like the security of an offsite backup, you can optionally select to use Intuit Data Protect by setting up and activating an online backup process. It is recommended to make a year-end backup for QuickBooks and maintain an archival copy for historical purposes should the need arise. You must have an Intuit Data Protect login and service in place to use the offsite backup feature.


Where can I find help to learn more about QuickBooks payroll options?

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s can help you understand the following options for QuickBooks Online payroll. During promotions pricing can start below $25 per month. If you have a more complicated payroll the pricing can be more and is calculated in part based on the number of W2’s you may have.


QuickBooks Online payroll choices

  • Simple Start – Great for businesses with a single user.
  • Essentials – This option is designed for service-based businesses who invoice for their time.
  • Plus – This option helps you easily manage your projects, inventory and contractors.
  • Advanced – Manage more expenses, employees and revenue with this option.

QuickBooks Desktop the payroll there are 3 current available options to choose from

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced – QuickBooks tools to pay employees faster and prepare for tax time.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Assisted – Payroll made simple with assistance from Intuit.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond – includes time tracking to payroll.


How to I change from cash to accrual for year-end reporting in QuickBooks?

  • Navigate to the edit option off the tasks bar
  • Then select reports and graphs
  • Once in this window find the company preferences tab
  • Under the summary report basis
  • Select Cash or Accrual


If I am starting QuickBooks at the end of a year, how do I begin my bank accounts and enter outstanding checks and deposits?

Enter the Checks

Create a clearing account on the Chart of Accounts (COA) or select an existing account as the clearing account

Select Banking > Write Checks

Enter the Payee, Check Number, Date, and amount of the check

Under Expenses entering the clearing account

Select Save & New

Enter the Deposits (For the total amount of outstanding amounts)

Select Banking > Make Deposits

Enter the Date, the clearing account into From Account, and the total of the amounts to deposit in Amount

Select Save & Close

Entering Outstanding Deposit Amounts (Individual amounts, instead of totals)

Select Banking > Make Deposits

Select the Bank Account where the funds should be deposited

Enter the Date, the clearing account into From Account, and the total of the amounts to deposit in Amount

Select Save & Close

Follow the steps above for each deposit

Reconcile the Deposits and Checks

Select Banking > Reconcile

Select Account to be reconciled in the Begin Reconciliation window

Enter Statement Date (This will be the date used when creating the account, the first time)

Enter Ending Balance (This will be the beginning balance from the bank statement, not the ending balance on the bank statement)

Select Continue

Select the Checks and Payments that make up the checks entered in the steps above

Select the Deposits and Other Credit that make up the deposits entered in the steps above

The Difference at the bottom right should be 0.00

Select Reconcile Now


Is there a right way to close QuickBooks year end or a wrong way to close QuickBooks year end?

As the year end approaches learn how to close QuickBooks with this step-by-step video. View


How can I find a year end and period end checklist for each QuickBooks module?

Once you are logged into QuickBooks navigate to help from the task bar · or use the F1 key · In the have a question look up box type “year end” This will provide a suggest check list for each QuickBooks module.


QuickBooks Training

The experienced consultants at Accounting Business Solutions by JCS understand the importance and urgency involved in the steps necessary to successfully close the Sage 100 Year End. Give us a call at 800-475-1047 – Sage Timeslips Support.

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