MiSys Manufacturing – Shop Floor Control Module

Accurately estimate material, labor, and overhead, track actual costs, and analyze production variances.

Clear definition of each production operation is the key to effective manufacturing business management. Shop Floor Control delivers the ultimate solution to running a manufacturing plant profitably by allowing you to accurately predict production costs based on estimated material, labor, and overhead, and allowing you to analyze actual production costs.


  • Tool Management
  • Work Center Management
  • Shop Operations Management
  • Capacity Management


  • Track the use and maintenance of production tools.
  • Be alerted whenever tools require maintenance or replacement.
  • Establish work centers for all production activities.
  • Define rates at which each work center can process its work.
  • Define days of the week when each work center is open.
  • Define an unlimited number of splits per shift, including optional splits for overtime, reserve labor, etc.
  • Define required material, labor, and overhead for each work center.
  • Rollup material, labor, and overhead costs throughout the entire product structure.
  • Create routing details for bills of material and manufacturing orders.
  • Estimate assembly times for any production quantity.
  • Predict start date for given completion date.
  • Predict completion date for given start date.
  • Accurately estimate manufacturing costs based on combined material, labor, and overhead.
  • Post shop operations to individual production operations.
  • Compare actual to estimated manufacturing costs with detailed variance reports.
  • Adjust routings to reflect the actual time required to perform an operation.
  • Analyze production efficiency for each manufacturing order operation.
  • View work center loading for any range of dates.
  • Analyze all work center conflicts for any range of dates.
  • Resolve work center conflicts quickly and easily using drag and drop capacity management tool

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