Create Purchase Orders from Work Tickets in Sage 50

Create Purchase Orders from Work Tickets in Sage 50

How do you autofill or auto create Purchase Orders from work tickets in Sage 50? 

Sage 50 allows you to set up Inventory Item Defaults to auto create purchase orders in Sage 50 behind the scenes. The Ordering tab of this window has options that let you enable the auto-creation of POs for:

  1. drop-ship transactions
  2. non-drop-ship transactions
  3. work tickets

Important:For auto-creation of purchase orders to work, your company must be using the real-time posting method.

You can treat each auto-created purchase order just as you would a manually created one. You can edit the purchase order, print it, or e-mail it to a vendor in the Purchase Orders window.

Note: Even if your company is set up for auto-creation of purchase orders, Sage 50 will not automatically create POs for recurring customer invoices. Instead, you will have to manually generate POs for any inventory that you need to reorder as a result of recurring invoices.

To auto create purchase orders from work tickets in Sage 50, the following criteria must be met:

  • Each item must be set up in Maintain Inventory Items with a preferred vendor.
  • The user who is entering the transactions listed below must have access rights to add Purchase Orders.
  • The quantity ordered of one or more of the items must cause the quantity available as of the transaction date to fall below minimum stock levels.

If these conditions are met and your company is set up to auto create purchase orders in Sage 50. Sage 50 will automatically create a purchase order each time a work ticket is saved. In addition, to ensure that auto-creation works most effectively, each item in Maintain Inventory Items should be set up with a minimum stock level and minimum reorder quantity. Sage 50 will auto-create purchase orders from Work Tickets for inventory items that fall into the following item classes only

  • stock
  • substock
  • serialized stock.

If you would like to learn more about how to perform this smart function using Sage 50 and Sage 50cloud, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offers a Sage 50 Manufacturing/Sage 50cloud Manufacturing training class. For Sage 50 support and training, call us today at 800-475-1047 or email us at Sage 50 Training Class. 

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