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QuickBooks Cash Flow Statement for QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop - How to fun the QuickBooks Cash Flow Projection

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How to create a cash flow projection in QuickBooks Desktop.


Cash Flow reports are useful for anticipating future cash shortfalls. This may be required if you are looking at additional financing for your business or need to report to a board of directors or potential buyer.  The following is a customized advanced QuickBooks report and for purposes of this demonstration we will be using a sample QuickBooks Company data file.


How to Calculate a QuickBooks Cash Flow Forecast using a custom advanced QuickBooks Report






A QuickBooks cash flow projection consists of three main parts:

  1. The beginning cash balances
  2. Plus, anticipated cash receipts
  3. Minus Expected cash disbursements

The first Step is to login to QuickBooks and start the Advanced Reporting Tool.


How to Start QuickBooks Advanced Reporting


The second step will be to choose which bank accounts will be included.


How to Select QuickBooks Cash Accounts


The third step will be to specify the range of days to be included in each cash flow category. Examples are 7 days, 30 days and 45 days.


How to Set the QuickBooks Cash Flow Forecast Range of Days


The final decision is to add payroll, other income and other expenses to be included into each category.


How to Add QuickBooks Payroll Other Income and Expense Amounts


The current accounts receivable outstanding customer invoice balances will be added by category based on how many days are specified in each category and the due date of the invoice.


How to print QuickBooks Accounts Receivable Aging


The current accounts payable outstanding vendor invoice balances will be added by category based on how many days are specified in each category and the due date of the invoice.


How to Print QuickBooks Accounts Payable Aging


Each category shows the cash balance at the start of the category period, then adds the cash receipts and other income amounts. The cash payments, payroll and other expenses are deducted to arrive at the cash balance at the end of the category period which is then carried over to the beginning cash balance for the next category period.


How to view the QuickBooks Cash Flow Forecast


This process can be performed manually but is often made easier as in this example with a customized advanced QuickBooks Report. Thank you for joining us to learn more about creating a cash flow projection using information found in your QuickBooks company file.


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