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Essential How To Guide Using Bill of Materials

Sage 100 production management replaces Sage 100 Work Order. Learn the entry process for Sage 100 Manufacturing – ERP / MRP – Maximize efficiency thru all stages, increase productivity with accuracy and visibility across all operations. Call to discuss the Sage 100 options for Manufacturing Businesses.


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Sage 100 manufacturing is a suite that includes:

  • Integrated functionality for financial management
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Distribution
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Built in business intelligence for data analytics.


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Sage 100 manufacturing can be completed if you only need the bill of materials Use Sage 100 Production Entry to record manufactured items increasing the quantity on hand for finished goods into the Sage 100 Inventory module. During Production Entry specify the component quantity, consumption or scarp for corresponding component parts before the actual manufacturing process, during or after.


Steps for Sage 100 Production Management Entry


1. Select Production Entry from the Sage 100 Bill of Materials Main Menu

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2. When first accessing the program Sage 100 will prompt you for an accounting date. Enter the date the production was processed on. Otherwise go to step 3.

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3. Click the # icon to get the next batch number. Although not necessary, enter a comment to identify the batch. Click Accept when done.

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4. Click the # icon again to get the next Production Number.

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5. Click the Magnifying Glass to look up the Bill Number you wish to post production for. Select the item from the list and either double click the item from the list or highlight the item and click the Select button.

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6. After selecting the Bill Number for the item being made, enter the quantity that was made.

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7. Click the 2 Lines tab and verify the component items and the quantities used. Make any necessary adjustments for scrap as needed. Click the Accept button when done.

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8. Repeat steps 4 – 7 if there are more production entries. Otherwise you can either X out of the program and go back to the menu or you can click the Printer icon down in the lower right hand corner of the Production Entry window to update the production postings. If the Printer icon is selected to update the production postings then proceed to step 9.

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9. Select the Batch Number you want to update by clicking the Print check box shown to the right of the Batch Number. Click Proceed.

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10. The next process will print a report showing you what items were made and what items were used along with their corresponding quantities. Verify that the proper printer is showing. Change the printer if necessary. Verify the date. Click Print to print the register.

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11. Shown below is an example of the report




12. After verifying that the data on the report is accurate then click the Yes button to update the Production Entry. Otherwise click no and go back to step 4 and look up the record that you need to either update or delete and renter if necessary following steps 4 through 7. After clicking the Yes button the system will update the quantities on hand for those items that were made and used. If adjustments need to be made after clicking Yes then they will have to be made in the Inventory Module using Transaction Entry found on the Main menu.

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13. This Completes the Production Entry Process.

Once you have Sage 100 Production Manager for Sage 100 Manufacturing purchased it is easy to activate your new Sage 100 ERP module.

Registering Sage 100 Production Management

  1. Access Library Master Setup menu > Scanco Product Registration.

Note: Registration information is obtained when Sage Production Management is downloaded from the Sage Production Management Downloads Page.

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  1. Verify the correct Sage 100cloud Serial number and User Licenses displays.
  2. Select the Activate button.
  3. Select OK in the New keys activated. message.


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  1. Verify Activated displays in the Status field for the J/T Production Management – MTS product code record.

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  1. Select the Close button.


Retired Sage 100 Features

JobOps Make to Stock Import – no longer needed since make to stock transactions are built into Sage 100 manufacturing

Sage 100 Work Order, Sage 100 Work Order Consultant

Purchase Agent – As purchase agent / CEM will become the MRP solution in Sage 100, the purchase agent product will be retired for new sales for customers on version 2019 or higher.

  • Major new capabilities
  • Dynamic Inventorysage 100 MRP, Sage 100 MRP Consultant, Sage 100 material requirement planning, Sage 100 material requirement Planning consultant
  • Editable work order after release
  • Cost Analysis by step and work order
  • Simplified inquiry view
  • Simplified transactions and transaction entry
  • Capture costs from Accounts Payable


With the release of Production Management for Sage 100 Version 2019

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the following products will be retired:

  • WO Scan – replaced with Sage 300 manufacturing
  • JO Scan – Replaced with Sage 500 manufacturing
  • WO Efficiency – replaced with Production Management Capabilities


Migration path from Sage MAS 90 or Sage 100 Work Order

to a Business Framework Manufacturing solution Sage 100 Version 2019Sage 100 work order, sage 100 production manager, sage 100 work order consultant, sage 100 production manager consultant

  • Make to stock only
  • Major new capabilities
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Editable work order after release
  • Cost analysis by step and work order
  • Simplified Inquiry View
  • Simplified Transactions and transaction entry
  • Capture cost from Accounts Payable




For assistance with Sage 100 Production Entry and  Sage 100 Production Management and / or  Sage 100 Manufacturing

Give our certified Sage 100 Consultant a call 800.475.1047

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