Crystal Reports for DACEASY offers virtually unlimited reporting for detailed analysis of your business. Crystal Reports integrates with DACEASY and allows you to build reports across multiple data tables.  Now you can organize financial data from your Sage software into custom reports to help you make more informed business decisions. With Crystal Reports, you can view the information you want, the way you want it, and distribute your reports electronically!

Why is Crystal Reports for Sage helpful for your business?

Step 1: Select the Report

To access Crystal Reports, select the appropriate command from the Crystal menu on the Modules menu bar in the Business Center. Select New Report to create a report or Open Report to access an existing report.

If you are creating a new report, you can use a template from one of three different tabs to create your report. Use a template on the Catalog tab to create a report from scratch, the Gallery tab to modify a DacEasy report or the User-Defined tab to modify a user-created report. The templates on the Catalog tab aid the design process by combining tables into logical groupings; however, you can select the Blank template to have access to any table.

Step 2: Modify or Create the Report

After selecting the report in DacEasy, the report appears in Crystal Reports. If you opened an existing report, you can modify the report. If you are creating a new report, design the report. Crystal allows you to format the fields, add subtotals and grand totals, create formulas, insert subreports, insert cross-tab objects, insert fields, add charts, add maps, add OLE objects, modify the sort order, limit records, utilize SQL and much more!

Step 3: View the Report

After the report is complete, you can save the report and then view the data. You have the options to print, fax and export the report. The ability to export to over twenty different format types adds to the power of Crystal Reports. Some of these format types include: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Comma-separated values, Microsoft Excel, HTML 3.2 and 4.0, Lotus 1-2-3, XML, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format and ODBC.

Because the security of your data is so important, you are prompted for your User Name and Password prior to previewing a report that includes your data. You must supply your Business Center user name and password. This user must have access rights to Crystal Reports for the current DacEasy module to view the data.

Although Crystal Reports for Sage DACEASY is no longer supported by Sage, the certified Sage consultants at Accounting Business Solutions by JCS can assist by providing the technical support and training to bring your level of expertise to the next level.  We offer Sage support, training classes, and discounted software for all Sage software products. Call us today at 800-475-1047 to get started with Crystal Reports for DACEASY!