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 Sage 50 Accounting Software Support formerly Peachtree by Sage Software

Are you trying to solve a business problem or do you need assistance from an experienced consultant to help you with an accounting question? Do you need Training

  • Do you need to rebuild your Sage 50 or Sage 50C Company Data?
  • Would an advanced custom report give you more information?
  • Is your Sage 50 inventory out of control?
  • Are you fully utilizing all the features in payroll?
  • Do you need help setting up job costing?
  • Would you like to customize your Sage 50C Accounting Program?
  • Is it integration to other applications you are looking for?
  • Do you need to upgrade to Sage 100 or Sage 100C

You can work with the same consultant each time you call in for support. We are knowledgeable Sage 50 now Sage 50C and formerly Peachtree Consultants and can provide answers that you can understand and implement into your everyday business practices right away. Professional and Affordable support services are available for all versions of Sage 50 now Sage 50C Accounting Software formerly Peachtree Accounting by Sage Software.

How to rebuilding your Sage 50C Accounting data. The steps below sound simple and there are many mini steps within them but if you follow this brief outline you can be successful or if you like we can help you. During this process you can change your current accounting periods, inventory types and costing method, leave behind any data that may have become corrupted in your existing company or speed up your current company by removing large amounts of historical data that the normal purges do not.

How to approach a Sage 50 or Sage 50C Company Data Rebuild

1. Backup your existing company data

2. create a new company and copy your existing company – view the defaults as you go thru this step to change any defaults for the new company. This will automatically pull over your chart of accounts.

3. Export from the original company and import into the new company all your data lists

– Vendors, employees, customers, inventory items and job data don’t forget ship to and contacts

4. bring over opening balances as of a period end date in the past your wish to start from

– Chart, vendors, employees, customers, inventory items and job data

5. In the original company print reports so you will know what the balances were

Trial balance, AP aging, Employee YTD earnings, AR aging, inventory valuation and job profitability and bank account reconciliation

6. In the  new company print reports so you will know what the balances will be

Trial balance, AP aging, Employee YTD earnings, AR aging, inventory valuation and job profitability and bank reconciliation

7. compare the starting period reports and determine if your current balances are correct if they are not go and make corrections where needed

8. bring over transactions history you want for all the periods you wish to keep

Customer sales, cash receipts, vendor invoices, vendor payments, inventory adjustments, general ledger journal entries, employee checks

9. print the reports again by period and reconcile them from the original company to the new to confirm they are reconciled.

10. Forms and Reports can sometimes be copies over some may need to be redone manually in the new company

Free Best Practices User Guide for implementing and using Sage 50 Accounting.

Success for us is based on customer care, not call volume like other firms.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS prides itself on delivering world class Sage 50 and Sage 50C Accounting support formerly Peachtree by Sage Software.  Our staff are highly skilled, experienced, customer-focused people with your best interest in mind.

To expedite your support experience please collect the following information:

  • Is it a how to question or accounting question
  • Did you receive an error message and write it down
  • What version of Sage 50C are you using – found under help and about

Our customers welcome our Sage 50 accounting software support because it helps them ensure their information is absolutely accurate and their reports are completely credible. We know that having your client’s trust is critical and we know how to make it happen. Sage 50 Certified Training offer local classes and teach customers how to perform system checks routinely to ensure maximum accountability.

We have Sage 50 Accounting Master Consultants for all versions of Sage 50 software formerly Peachtree Software. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS’s staff have passed Sage Master Consultant programs and exams not because we have to but because we want to deliver quality support services to you and your business.

Our Sage 50 Consultants have helped over 5,000 customers learn how to use their Sage 50 accounting software and set up best business practices. Our services include

Sage 50 Accounting remote and telephone support is available for all customers but is not a substitute for training. Your information is kept confidential.







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