Do you have Sage 50 Year End Resources?

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS provides Sage 50 year end guidance to help you quickly close one year and open the next. Our top priority is to empower your business by providing a checklist outlining the steps to successfully close your Sage 50cloud year end.

Discover a comprehensive strategy for Sage 50 and support for accounting, operations and Sage 50cloud advanced features. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS’ impact on the growth and profitability of small businesses begins by offering the Free Sage 50 Year End Checklist. This checklist allows businesses to stay on track during the busy time of closing out financial and operational reporting at the end of the year.


As an Authorized training, consulting  and sales go to for Sage 50, the JCS team of highly skilled Sage 50 consultants understands the urgency and importance of staying on track during the busiest time of the year. Preparing for the Year-End is easy by referencing JCS’ Year End Checklist. With a step by step checklist to quickly review each module and determine if you are ready to close the period in order to open the new year. Put our 30 years of experience to work for you!

Learn Best Practices For Sage 50 Year End

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Year End Checklist

Use the free Sage 50 Excel based Year End Checklist and get organized to streamline your year end closing process. This year End Checklist is broken down by period, quarter and year with suggested steps but can be modified to suit your business model. We are committed to helping small businesses get on track, stay on track, and be better positioned to increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency. Our specialists are standing by to assist you in your year end backup and closing process. Send us an email and request your free Sage 50 Year End Checklist today. Get end to end control and visibility in your business from accounting to operations with Sage 50.

Sage 50 Year End

Sage 50Cloud Year End

In Sage 50 there are various year end reports that should be run and saved to PDF. Once the first 12 periods are closed and new transactions have been recorded the closed 12 periods cannot be reopened. Select the module's report dashboard and then select the Period End or year end report you with to run. Using the options button you can then filter the report by period, year or a selected date parameter. Information displayed on each report is based on the filter options chosen and additional fields may be added. During the year end list items marked inactive with zero balances and all transactions dated prior to the last day of the 12 period can be purged before beginning the close.

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Year End FAQ

Sage 50 Year End Frequently Asked Questions - One of the most asked questions about Sage 50 year end is how do I create a history company? This is because the purge will remove any closed history transactions that have a date older than the defined number of years to keep historical transactions specified in each module. Most often we recommend creating a history company, performing a backup of your live company. The final step is to restore this backup into the newly created history company and finally renaming the history company using the year in the company name. Then set user security to read only so users can not record any new transactions.

Sage 50Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

Year End Tips And Tricks


Sage 50cloud is software designed and built to help you easily get your work completed. One of the most asked questions during year end is “How do I create a backup of my Sage 50 company data files?” Because, the Sage 50 period end and year end close removes completed transactions in periods based on the setup of Sage 50 and list items that have been marked ‘Inactive’. Most often we recommend using the copy company to create a history company to be able to view information that may be purged during the close.


Where can I find Resources for Advanced Training?

Sage 50 Year Tips and Tricks – The expert consultants at Accounting Business Solutions by JCS can help you master year end tasks for Sage 50. Your training will focus on your specific business processes to help you quickly process transactions the best way to support your business processes. Training and support can included reconciling the subsidiary modules to the general ledger before you change accounting periods. Should you discover any out of balance conditions we can provide guidance to identify and help make corrections to Sage 50 transactions.  Once new transactions are recorded it may not be recommended to restore a backup.


What are un-posted journals in Sage 50?

Only if you are running in batch mode should you see this message. In each area of Sage 50 there are transactions that have been entered that must be updated prior to changing an accounting period. You can optionally run your company in ‘Real Time Mode’ so there is no need to manually run the batch updates.


How do I host my Sage 50 in the cloud?

Sage 50cloud hosting is affordable, reliable and accessible. If you are seeking information on the best place to host Sage 50cloud reach out and we can provide pricing and an estimated time for cut over to the cloud. Moving Sage 50 to the cloud is easy and a cost effective solution.


What are the recommended steps to close Sage 50?

As the year end approaches learn how to confidently move Sage 50 into the new year with this step-by-step video. View


How can I find a period end checklist for each Sage 50 module?

Send us an email with “Sage 50 period end checklist” in the subject line. Once we receive it we will send you over the excel based checklist that we provide to all our customers.


Sage 50 Training

The experienced consultants at Accounting Business Solutions by JCS understand the importance and urgency involved in the steps necessary to help you be successfully using Sage 50 Year End. Give us a call at 800-475-1047 or email We offer assistance with Sage Timeslips Support.