MiSys Manufacturing – Bar Coding Module

Hand-held wireless inventory management and shop floor controls.

MiSys has developed two different bar coding systems:  MiSys Manufacturing Bar Coding  and the enhanced MiSys Worth Terminal Manager. Both systems are available with the Bar Coding module from MiSys, but each requires different hardware which is sold separately.

MiSys Manufacturing Bar Coding

Developed primarily for Physical Inventory counts. The software works with the Worth Data T5000 barcode reader, an offline device which runs small programs on the device itself, andcan collect data on the factory floor or warehouse. It must be connected to a host PC where data files can be transferred and imported into MiSys Manufacturing in a batch transfer.


  • Conduct Physical Inventory by scanning barcode on shelf or item and enter quantity.
  • Record stock transfers as they occur.
  • Update the time required for operations at various work centers.
  • Record bar coded items that need to be assigned and generate new serial and lot numbers.
  • Print bar coded labels on standard Avery label stock.
  • Generate “Barcode-enabled” reports such as Physical Inventory Worksheets, Pick Lists and Travelers to better track items used in production.

MiSys Worth Terminal Manager

The MiSys Worth Terminal Manager gives production managers and inventory managers more control from the shop floor and the warehouse. It is designed to work with Worth Data’s 7000 Series RF Terminal platform connected to a Worth Data Base Station, connecting wirelessly with MiSys  Manufacturing. Using this Radio Frequency technology, users can receive and display detailed information and initiate a full range of factory floor operations in real-time.


  • Log In/Out as standard MiSys Manufacturing database user.
  • Make direct stock transfer transactions, including dispensing, scrapping, reserving and moving items, as well as building, allocating and scrapping components for an assembly.
  • Receive items from a supplier or against an existing PO.
  • Allocate components, reserving components and complete Work orders.
  • Start and complete a Manufacturing
  • Start and complete scrapping a Manufacturing order component.
  • Start, complete, log time, log direct labor, scrap a component, scrap the assembly for an operation in Manufacturing order with Routing.
  • Record Physical Inventory fora Physical Inventory Batch.

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