Sage 100 Manufacturing

Sales - Advanced Support - Training - Certified Master Consultant for Sage 100 manufacturing

Sage 100 Manufacturing formerly known as JobOps from Synergistics

Sage 100C was formerly MAS 90 MAS 200

Have you considered the following general questions?  What are the challenges you need to solve for? JCS can help you perform a business review to determine if this application would work for your manufacturing business.

Is your current Operations software integrated with your Accounting system?

How are jobs presently tracked

What is lacking from this process?

Is it important to have a real-time system to provide you with the most current costs, status, labor detail, and issuing of material to the job with a new system?

What information do you want to collect about the job?

  • Material
  • Related Purchases
  • Labor, who worked on the job
  • Quantity complete
  • Quantity rejected
  • Status or comments

Do you produce product/services which are: Specific to sales order

  • To stock for future sales from distribution
  • Sub-assemblies to stock, but final product to order

Describe the different types of jobs you have in operations

  • New, custom make to order
  • Make-to-stock sub-assemblies
  • Make-to-stock final assemblies
  • Engineering Orders
  • Repair work
  • Field Services

Are these other features you would like built in and fully integrated?

  • Work Orders
  • Travelers
  • Scanning Ability
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Estimating
  • Advanced Scheduling

Do you purchase materials: to stock? to orders? combination of both

Do you require purchases of materials to be linked directly to work orders?

Do you purchase outside services or subcontract outside services?

Do you issue materials from inventory directly to work orders?

Do you backflush (issue materials at the completion of a work order)?

Do you use or would you like to use automated, on-line bar code equipment?

Do you want time-phased material reporting?

Do you record scrap on a job?

Do you require serial number or lot tracking?

If labor collection is required, what method of recording labor are you using now?

Do you need to track machine setup time and production time?

Do you need to track design/engineering time spent on quotes?

How does this time get recorded against the job now?

What types of pay rates are you currently using?

Are you a Union shop?


  • Are you looking for the ability to auto-schedule your jobs? Do you need to view all jobs in operations, identify bottlenecks or problems in specific work centers, and adjust schedules dynamically?
  • Do you require either finite or infinite scheduling?


  • Do you provide any value-added services such as service or repairs that require tracking of costs, materials, activity, etc?
  • Do you need to track where and when an item was installed and warranty period information?
  • Do you need detailed analysis of profitability on each job?


  • Do you do any work on a time & materials basis?
  • Do you need retention tracking? (Payables/Receivables)
  • Do you often act as a project’s general contractor or coordinator?


  • Are you looking for a single point of entry from quote to invoice?
  • Do you currently use a BOM to manage your parts lists?
  • Note: Please provide a copy of a BOM to show what other information such as Engineering Changes (ECO) is tracked in the BOM.
  • Overall, what are the areas of improvement you are looking for in a new system?
  • Describe any other critical system needs

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Manufacturing software should be a comprehensive solution portfolio that enables you to plan, schedule, execute and monitor your entire manufacturing business, for job shops and small manufacturers. From raw materials to final product our manufacturing and MRP software provides the greatest level of flexibility and agility possible.


This solution can also include the following modules

  • Distribution Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning / ERP software
  • Shipping
  • EDI
  • Bar Code w/physical count capability
  • Touch Screen

Sage 100 Manufacturing formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200 with JobOps might be the solution

Business Description:

Sage 100 Manufacturing Providing professional support services for your Sage Software and Intuit QuickBooks. Certified Pro Advisor Consultant providing Sales, Advanced Support and Implementation for all current and older versions. Training Courses, custom report design and integration support to help you get the most from your accounting Software investment near me.

  • JCS performs valuable detailed business reviews to identify areas for improvement and provides solutions resulting in increasing your efficiency.
  • Expert-certified trainers offer the experience and solution-oriented instruction you need to maximize your software’s power and organize your business.
  • Our unequaled support services include installation, set-up, customization to save you steps and integration, as well as interpretation of performance results.

Put our 25 years of accounting software experience to work for you to learn how to leverage your investment for Sage Software and QuickBooks.

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