Sage 100 Job Cost Module

The Sage 100 Job Cost Module has the flexibility and detailed accounting capabilities necessary for general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers in construction and other project-oriented businesses to accurately track the cost of each job. Track cost and revenue information in great detail, including Project Estimating, Billing, and Time and Materials Invoicing. The Sage 100 Job Cost module includes flexible cost types, job numbering, and cost codes, as well as work-in-process accounting. Take advantage of the customized templates for invoices and estimates. Save time and money by automatically allocating overhead costs and burden allocations and base estimates from standard material and labor costs. The Sage 100 Job Cost module integrates seamlessly with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Timecard, Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and General Ledger to keep your operations running efficiently all in one place.

The Sage 100 Job Cost Module comes standard with helpful reports, including Daily Overhead Allocation Register, Daily Transaction Register, Job Analysis Report, Job Billing History Report, Job Billing Recap Report, Job Billing Selection Register, Job Close-Out Report, Job Cost Code Detail Report, Job Field Report, Job Invoice, Job Masterfile Listing, Job Profitability Report, Job Schedule Report, Job Transaction Detail Report, Monthly Overhead Allocation Report, Subcontractor Analysis Report, and the Work in Process Report. These reports can help you understand the costs of each job as well as the progress that has been made.


Other benefits of the Sage 100 Job Cost Module include:

  • Flexible Job Numbering– Break large jobs into sub-jobs and use up to seven characters to describe them.
  • Flexible Cost Codes– Use nine characters in three segments to designate phases, steps, or other categories.
  • Flexible Cost Types– Cost types such as labor, overhead, materials, and more are used to detail cost codes.
  • Overhead and Burden Allocation– Allocate overhead costs to each job based on the percentage of work completed either daily or monthly and calculate burden as a percentage of direct wages or on an hourly cost basis.
  • Work-in-Process Accounting– All expenses related to jobs in process are posted to an asset account in the General Ledger module and are changed when the job is completed.
  • Percentage Completion or Completed Contract– Use either the Percentage Completion or Completed Contract billing method for each job.
  • Time and Materials Invoices– Print invoices in batch form or individually with cost detail information on the forms of your choice.
  • Contract and Subcontract History– Original contract amounts and all of the change orders are tracked, as well as change history for each subcontractor.
  • Job Transaction Detail Report– View transaction detail for all postings for each job, which can be summarized on a monthly basis or retained for the life of a job.
  • Subcontractor Analysis Report– Print contract and cost detail by vendor and view or print a detailed transaction history of cost postings and payments.
  • Accounts Receivable Integration– Enter, print, and update invoices to accounts receivable.
  • Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Integration– Expense invoices directly to jobs and track retention for each vendor.
  • Payroll and TimeCard Integration– Expense wages to individual jobs and post labor expenses in detail by employee or pay period.
  • Inventory Management Integration– Use transaction entry to apply transactions and costs associated with materials allocated to a job.
  • Sales Order Integration– Assign sales order invoices to new or existing jobs by cost code and classification or create new jobs using defined job types.

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