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Ready To Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop To QuickBooks Online?

Upgrade QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online – Thinking about upgrading from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online or already started? Now that you have made the decision to switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online are you looking to understand what is involved and what converts? Increase your odds of a successful conversion from QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


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Steps to upgrade: best practice guidance on converting to QuickBooks Online includes:

  • Business Review – Compare desktop to QBO features
  • Discovery call – Migration strategy
  • 3rd party applications – Preparation
  • Training – QuickBooks Online
  • Test Conversion
  • System Testing
  • Final Conversion


What stops a QuickBooks Desktop upgrade to QuickBooks Online from starting?

Companies that meet either or both of the following criteria cannot be migrated at the current time. Outside of these two issues, any company should be able to be migrated.

  • Multicurrency—If your company uses the multicurrency function, it cannot be migrated to QuickBooks Online.
  • Files with more than 350,000 transaction line items—Extremely large databases cannot be migrated.

If your company installation relies on multi-currency or if your business transaction volume creates a large QuickBooks database, the conversion is not supported.


Steps needed to upgrade QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online

  • Create a QuickBooks online account
  • Upgrade the latest desktop version – promotional offers 800-475-1047
  • Intuit Solution Providers can help map out the process
  • Complete a test conversion
  • Schedule your final conversion



If you perform a test conversion and later if you migrate a desktop company second time to an existing QuickBooks Online company, all information in the QuickBooks company you are migrating to will be overwritten. QuickBooks Online does not have a backup and restore option. Once the process is started, it cannot be cancelled, and your existing QuickBooks Online company will be inaccessible until the conversion completes.


What does not convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

The following QuickBooks Desktop Data will not convert to QuickBooks Online during an upgrade.
Most of your QuickBooks Desktop data will convert to QuickBooks Online company. However, please note there are some items in QuickBooks Desktop that does not convert to QuickBooks Online. The following list of parameters will need to be setup by logging in as an administrative user in QuickBooks Online.

  • Direct deposit and e-filing information for payroll
  • Online banking connections
  • Users and permissions settings
  • Saved reports
  • Customized sales forms
  • Reconcile reports


QuickBooks Desktop to Online implementation process:

1: Review and clean up your QuickBooks Desktop data list
2: Delete or close any unwanted transactions
3: Verify the accounting balances in GL, AR, AP, Items, Employees and Banks


Implementing QuickBooks Online:

Kick off and Implantation Planning
Installation & Setup
Bring over cleaned lists
System Balances
Define Forms and Reports
3rd party add on’s


QuickBooks from desktop to the cloud summary

Any QuickBooks Desktop company allows you to export company data into a new QuickBooks Online Company file. The QuickBooks desktop installation will not be affected when you lift your data into the cloud with QuickBooks Online. You can always go back and use the desktop version if your migration does not complete or if you just want to look up historical information.



QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premium and QuickBooks Enterprise are very different from QuickBooks Online. As an Intuit Solution Provider, we are here to help you understand the pros and cons of upgrading QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

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