Sage BusinessWorks is a helpful add-on solution for your Sage software which gives users the tools to see a clear picture of your entire operation. The features included in this easy-to-use solution assist you in taking complete control of your organization’s success by enabling you to maximize efficiency and discover new revenue opportunities. Sage BusinessWorks offers extensive report customization options, allowing you to give everyone the data they need, when they need it.

Crystal Reports for Sage BusinessWorks takes the software’s robust reporting capabilities further by combining the helpful insights provided in your Sage BusinessWorks software with the flexible customization options included in Crystal Reports, including expanded formatting options, a variety of useful charts and tables, and the opportunity to fully customize the data presented.

Crystal Reports for Sage BusinessWorks reporting gives users:

  • Three levels of report customization:
    • Quick Reports for those who want to add, subtract, or move fields, or change the filter or sort options.
    • Comprehensive Reports for those who are more comfortable in the report design arena. Allows you to add, subtract, or move fields, add calculations, add your own drill-down or drill-to fields, and more.
    • SQL Report Programming available with the Custom Office module. This option is available in the Comprehensive Reports option.
  • Virtually unlimited calculation abilities
  • Access to all company data fields
  • Option of adding tables to existing reports with the Custom Office module
  • Columnize Quick Reports so they export into Microsoft Excel exactly as seen on screen
  • Data pull capabilities from multiple modules through the Custom Office module for better business decisions
  • Drill-down capabilities to the details of transactions and the task screen
  • Protection by utilizing the existing Sage BusinessWorks security model

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