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Sage Software Import Export Frequently Asked Questions:

Tips and tricks for importing data into Sage Software

When importing a CSV file into it should be checking for valid field lengths. You can view the import and export tables to determine which fields in each record are required and which are optional. Additionally, you can also use this view to determine what the value of the field should be.

The options in some fields are numeric, alphabetical or alphanumeric while others may need a value of true or false. An easy recommendation to view the table is to export a sample file and look at the CSV file it creates to determine how you need to populate them. If you need support this is one area JCS specializes in 800.475.1047

Questions and Answers on Sage Software Import Export:

Question: Can I bring my data from other accounting software into Sage 50 or Sage 100?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can I bring data from my online shopping cart into Peachtree or Sage 50 or Sage 100?
Answer: Yes

Question: What file types can I use to import data into Sage Peachtree and MAS 90?
Answer: CSV and excel files can both be used

Question: Can I automate the process of importing data into Sage 50 and Peachtree and Sage 100?
Answer: Yes, using the SDK for Sage 50 formerly Peachtree or visual integrator for Sage 100 MAS 90

Sometimes errors happen because you have multiple commas in your excel sheet in a single cell. This causes Sage 50 to act like these are multiple fields in a single cell causing unpredictable results at the time of import and can create many hours of manual clean up to continue. These are some of the errors you may receive while attempting to import into Peachtree Sage 50 or Sage 50C. How to resolve Sage Peachtree import and export errors is not difficult and with the help of a certified consultant you can be on your way. Sage 50 Import Export Errors:
– Peachtree an error occurred importing the file
– Peachtree import error number of distributions
– Sage 50 an error occurred importing the file
– Sage 50 import error number of distributions
– A time has occurred please try again
– fails due to a 0x80131500 error
– run-time exception
– Sage 50C an error occurred importing the file
– Sage 50C import error number of distributions

The following files can be imported into Peachtree, Sage 50 or Sage 50C

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer list
  • Sales journal for sales invoices
  • Sales orders
  • Cash Receipts
  • Contact list

Accounts payable

  • Vendor list
  • Purchase journal for vendor invoices
  • Payments journal for disbursements
  • Purchase order journal
  • Vendor insurance


  • Employee list
  • Payroll journal employee checks

General ledger

  • Chart of accounts
  • General journal
  • FAS depreciation – Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Budget List


  • Assemblies journal
  • Adjustments journal
  • Inventory product catalog
  • Website catalog
  • Work ticket journal
  • Bill of materials listing
  • Unit of measure


  • Job list
  • Phase list
  • Cost code list

Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Electronic Banking

Time and Expense

  • Time ticket register
  • Expense ticket register

The following files can be imported into MAS 90, MAS 200 and Sage 100

refer to the software help for these tables

Frequently asked questions about Sage 50C, Sage 50 and  Peachtree support as well as MAS 90 and MAS 200

Question: How do I get Sage Peachtree support for older versions of Sage Peachtree software?
Answer: To get Peachtree customer service is readily available from Sage Software for current versions and consultants on current and older versions around the country that are qualified and experienced to help get your business up and running on Sage Peachtree.

Question: How do I properly upgrade from Peachtree to Sage 50?
Answer: From recent versions it is simple to upgrade and all your data converts including your reports and forms. From older versions of Peachtree you may need to go thru an interim version to get the most recent version. Your custom reports and forms may not convert especially custom reports written using crystal reports. It is possible to recreate them in the most recent version of Sage 50C. The main thing we want to be sure of is your balances before you begin the upgrade and the balances you have once the upgrade is complete are the same and you do not loose any data or have incorrect balances once your upgrade is finished.

Question: Can I upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 100
Answer: Yes, you can bring over lists and balances. It takes work to bring over transactions but is possible.

Question: Is there Peachtree Data Repair services available?
Answer: Yes There are many steps to perform a Peachtree Company Rebuild if it is being done because you have corrupt Peachtree data Sage 50 Sage Repair services are also available if for a variety of reasons you are doing a Sage 50 Company Rebuild.

If you are seeking assistance with sage import for sage 50 payroll and csv invoice or any version of sage 50 payroll year end guide or for a  MAS database and need help with purchase import using visual integrator manual for any sage file in any sage format for sage export of sage records. When you import excel into sage using sage visual integrator or sage 50 custom reports with a sage database software for stock list format and sage 50 import if it is for a sage journal template and purchase import if you want to import export chart and or import invoice formats.

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Where can I get help with the importing and exporting data using Sage 50C, Sage 50 or Peachtree software even MAS 90 MAS 200 or Sage 100 especially when it is no longer supported by Sage Software? From consultants that support older versions of Sage Accounting Software:

 When performing import and export functions these are the versions supported by our staff Sage Software  consultants can be found in the following regions.

– Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California

– Colorado Connecticut Delaware Sage 50 Sage 50C

– Florida Georgia Hawaii Peachtree

– Idaho Illinois Indiana Sage 100 MAS 200

– Iowa Kansas Kentucky Sage 100C MAS 90

– Louisiana Maine Maryland  Peachtree DOS,

– Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Peachtree Classic Accounting, Peachtree 2000,

– Mississippi Missouri Montana Peachtree Complete Accounting, Peachtree for Windows,

–  Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire MAS 90 and MAS 200 Peachtree Quantum currently Sage 50 Quantum and Sage 50C
– New Jersey New Mexico New York Quantum Peachtree Distribution currently Sage 50 Distribution and Sage 50C Distribution

– North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Peachtree Construction currently Sage 50 Construction and Sage 50C Construction

– Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Peachtree Manufacturing currently Sage 50 Manufacturing and Sage 50 Manufacturing

– Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Peachtree Non-Profit currently Sage 50 Non Profit and Sage 50C Non Profit

– Tennessee Texas Utah Peachtree Premium currently Sage 50 Premium and Sage 50C Premium

– Vermont Virginia Washington Peachtree Pro currently Sage 50 Pro and Sage 50C Pro

– West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming  MAS 90 Payroll Support and Sage 100 Payroll Support