Sage 100 Work Order Module

The Sage 100 Work Order Module simplifies the manufacturing process by allowing users to issue work orders, develop schedules, and track manufacturing costs – all in one easy-to-use module. It is perfect for manufacturers using assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order, and make-to-order processing, and can provide timely information on the status and efficiency of your open and closed work orders. It seamlessly integrates with the Sage 100 Bill of Materials module to automatically merge necessary materials into the work order, saving you time on data entry.

The Sage 100 Work Order Module contains helpful pre-loaded reports such as the Auto Issue Material Shortage Report, Back Order Fill Report, Daily Transaction Register, Dispatch Sheet, General Ledger Posting Recap , Material Shortage Report, On Demand Cost Ledger, On Demand Missing Cost Report, On Demand Variance From Standards Report, Open Work Order Report, Operation Ticket, Picking Sheet, Routing Listing, Scheduled Capacity Report, Tooling Requirements Report, Work in Process Recap Report, Work in Process Report, Work Order Cost Roll-up Register, Work Order History Report, Work Order Labels, Work Order Memo, Work Order Transaction Journal, and Work Order Traveler. These reports allow you to have complete visibility of all aspects of the work orders in Sage 100, increasing efficiency and forecasting accuracy.

Other features of the Sage 100 Work Order Module include:

  • Work Order Templates– Speed up your data entry with work order templates.
  • Work Order Estimates– Estimate the impact of a work order in terms of cost and scheduling issues without taking from inventory with work order estimates, which can be easily converted into a work order.
  • Material Issue Methods– Manually issue materials with the Work Order Transaction Entry Program or automatically issue the materials with a work order is released.
  • Work Order Make Option– Utilize the “make” option within a work order, a sales order, or inventory to indicate how the item is to be used.
  • Extended Step Description– The Sage 100 Work Order module allows up to 100 lines of description for each step of a work order, which can provides detailed instructions for employees when printed on the Work Order Traveler and Operation Ticket.
  • Work Order Scheduling– Use forward or backward scheduling to calculate scheduling needs for a particular work order.
  • Work Center Capacity Analysis– Discover capacity commitments against work centers using a graphically or detailed display of this information.
  • Work Order Documents– Work Order Travelers, Picking Sheets, Dispatch Sheets, and Operation Tickets are all available to be printed for both released and unreleased work orders.
  • Work Order Transaction Entry– Enter a work order release, material issue, labor, miscellaneous labor charge, miscellaneous material charge, outside processing charge, work order completion, and work order close against a work order to keep better track of your inventory.
  • By-Product Accommodation– Receive byproducts of the manufacturing into inventory as part of a work order transaction.
  • Work Order History– A complete history of each work order is available in the Work Order History Report or by using the Work Order History Inquiry.
  • Work Order Cost Roll-up– Calculate the cost of each item based on the component costs in the bill of materials, yield and scrap percentages, and the labor and overhead involved.
  • User-Defined Fields– Each work order can have up to four customized fields.
  • Work Order Memos– Create customized memos for selected work orders.
  • Work Order Labels– Print labels for each inventory item finished from a work order in batches or individually.
  • Bar-Code Printing– Print bar codes for desired fields on Travelers, Operation Tickets, Picking Sheets, and Work Order Labels.

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