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Version 2019 New Features

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting provides feature rich tools helping you to run your business more efficiently. Gain insights from every aspect of your business operations with the easy to use robust reporting built into this Sage accounting software by Sage Software.

The new features in version 2019, SP1 & SP2 are as follows. This was released in the last few months by Sage Software. When you need assistance upgrading your Sage BusinessWorks give us a call 800.475.1047 we are here to help. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS has knowledgeable, experienced consultants providing a complimentary consultation to review your

System Manager includes 3 major changes making management of Sage software easier.

  • Removal of the Pervasive System Analyzer and keyhelp.ocx file.
  • When a drive location is not valid in the Select Backup File Name option. A new window will display with the message – The specified file location or name (COMPANY.ZIP) is invalid, please try again.
  • Sage Exchange Payments has been renamed to reflect Paya.

General Ledger has the following enhancements.

  • GL Import Journal Entries will not allow the import of dollar amounts with more than 2 decimal places.
  • 10 digit limit for retained earnings – has been added to abort the update and provide a warning and  close.
  • Journal Entries no longer import with incorrect dates.
  • Journal entry will show an error in the exception report if an imported entry is out of balance.

Pertaining to Cash Management for BusinessWorks and your CPA will love these items.

  • Help has been added to describe the Cash Management cash balances for Calculated and Actual totals.
  • All deposits now export when using Cash Management Custom Exports, including those from AR and from CM.

Accounts Payable there is only one major addition of features.

  • you can now export a new Aging Report named Exportable Aging Report.

Accounts Receivable/Order Entry New features.

  • The aging report now properly reflects adjustments, open credits, and deposits
  • Save current setting options have been added to the printing selection for AR Reprint Invoices, AR Reprint Credit Memos, and AR Reprint Debit Memos.
  • Part History in Maintain Sales Orders no longer shows part id duplicated.

Payroll now eliminates errors in your reporting with this release.

  • Box 12 now has unlimited deductions in Payroll.
  • For W2 reporting Payroll box 12 codes GG and HH are not included.
  • Payroll Verification Report now correctly handles rate changes to 0.000 or .0001

Inventory control features now include the following two items.

  • On the first order you no longer receive the “Purchase Order # not on file” error
  • Inventory Transaction Detail Report now they have added transaction dates with the year


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