Customizing ACT Software Basics Training Class – 800.475.1047 – Training – Support – Consultant – Reseller

Customizing ACT Software Basics Training Class – 800.475.1047 – Training – Support – Consultant – Reseller

Customizing ACT Software Basics Training Class

ACT Is the most popular contact management software on the market and this course is designed to get users up and running fast.

act-logo Would you like to take your ACT Software to the next level and set it up to work for your business needs?  Do you need help getting started customizing and optimizing ACT Software?  In just 3 training sessions you can work with ACT Software on your own and get your information the way you want it.  Your Satisfaction Guaranteed! *

Course Outline:

Working with ACT! Software – The Basics

  • What is Contact Management Software?
  • Starting ACT! Software
  • Log On
  • Opening a Database
  • Setting Up for Class
  • Opening Other Databases
  • ACT! Screen Elements
  • Welcome Page
  • Changing Your Startup View
  • The Navigation Bar
  • View Toolbar
  • Layout Tabs
  • Layouts
  • Sizing the Contact Detail Window
  • Contact Record Basics
  • The “My Record” Contact Record
  • My Record
  • Our Practice Database
  • An Overview of Security Roles
  • Contact Fields
  • Inserting a New Contact Record
  • Drop-Down Fields
  • Duplicating Contacts
  • Assigning Security
  • Changing Some Preferences
  • Deleting Contacts

Working Your ACT! Software Contacts

  • Locating Contacts
  • Browsing Records
  • Detail View and List View
  • Sorting the Contact List
  • Related Task Pane
  • Adding and Removing Columns
  • Nav Bar Lookup Pane
  • Lookup
  • Lookup Variations
  • Adding to Lookups
  • Narrowing Lookups
  • Previous Lookups
  • Keyword Searches
  • Lookup Any Field
  • Lookup Annual Events
  • Working in List view
  • Edit Mode
  • Tag Mode
  • Lookup and Omit Tagged Records
  • Printing Lookups
  • Secondary Contacts
  • Lookups on Secondary Contact Fields
  • Promoting from Within
  • Attachments
  • Opening and Editing Fields
  • Removing Files from the Documents Tab
  • Relationships
  • Web Info
  • Web Info Tab
  • Website Links
  • Attaching Web Pages from IE

Working Your ACT! Software Schedule

  • Activities
  • Simple Scheduling
  • Scheduling Activities using the Calendar
  • Viewing the Calendar
  • Calendar Pop-Ups
  • Navigation Tips for the Calendar Views
  • The Today Button
  • Filtering the Calendar
  • Adding an Outlook Meeting to the Calendar
  • Sharing Microsoft Outlook and ACT!
  • Calendar vs Task List
  • The Task List
  • Filtering the Task List
  • Printing Your Task List
  •  Display the Mini-Calendar any time
  • Modifying Scheduled Activities
  • Clearing Activities
  • Recording History
  • Recording History to Multiple Contacts
  • Taking Notes
  • Viewing and Editing Notes
  • History vs Notes
  • Deleting a Note or History
  • Scheduling – General Tab
  • Scheduling for Multiple Contacts
  • Scheduling Availability Tab
  • Responding to an ACT! Invitation
  • Alarms
  • Responding to an Alarm
  • Scheduling Recurring Activities
  • Advanced Options
  • Attachments
  • Public vs Private Activities
  • Scheduling Activities for Other Users
  • Displaying Other Users’ Activities
  • Adding “Scheduled For” to Task List
  • Printing the Calendar
  • Roll Over
  • Events

Working with ACT! Software E-Mail and Letters

  • ACT! Can Help You Communicate
  • ACT!’s E-Mail Integration
  • Setting up your E-Mail in ACT!
  • ACT!’s Integration with Outlook
  • Sending an E-Mail from the Contact
  • Sending an E-Mail from Outlook
  • Choosing a Word Processor
  • New Menu Item in Word
  • Creating Correspondence
  • Creating a Mail Merge Template
  • Merging the E-Mail Template
  • Creating Letters, Memos and Faxes
  • Printing Documents
  • Editing the Attached Document
  • Envelopes and Mailing Labels
  • Dealing with Your Outlook Inbox
  • Adding and Outlook Meeting Request
  • Creating a Contact from an E-Mail
  • Attach and E-Mail to a Contact
  • Using the Quick Attach Feature
  • Setting your Quick Attach Preferences
  • Handling Unattached Messages
  • Using the Attach to ACT! Icon
  • Creating an Activity from an E-Mail
  • Sending Contact Information as a vCard
  • ACT! Reports
  • Favorite Reports

Working with ACT! Software Groups and Companies

  • Groups
  • Displaying as Group Lookup
  • Manually Adding a Contact to a Group
  • Companies
  • Creating / Populating a Group or Company
  • Adding Multiple Contacts
  • Using Criteria for Your Groups
  • Linking Contacts to Companies
  • Create a Company from a Contact
  • Difference between Link and Associate
  • Create a Contact from a Company
  • Disabling a Company Link
  • Pushing Changes back to Contacts
  • Pulling Changes from a Company
  • Record
  • Convert a Group to a Company
  • Divisions and Subgroups
  • Move or Promote a Division
  • Cumulative Views of Notes, History, etc.
  • Company Note or History
  • Sharing Items with a Company/Group
  • Changing Companies
  • Filtering Tabs
  • Lookup Companies or Groups

Working with ACT! Software Opportunities

  • Creating Opportunities
  • Updating an Opportunity
  • Creating a Quite
  • Closing the Deal
  • Opportunities: List View
  • Lookup Opportunities
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Opportunity Pipeline
  • Opportunity Graph
  • Working in List View
  • Edit Mode
  • Tag Mode
  • Lookup and Omit Tagged Records
  • Secondary Contacts
  • Lookups on Secondary Contact Fields
  • Promoting from Within
  • Attachments
  • Opening and Editing Fields
  • Removing Files from the Documents Tab
  • Relationships
  • Web Info
  • Web Info Tab
  • Website Links
  • Attaching Web Pages from IE

Working with ACT! Software Dashboards

  • Using Dashboards
  • Displaying Dashboard Views
  • Working in the Dashboard Views
  • Other Dashboards

Working with ACT! Software Synchronization

  • Synchronizing Your Remote Database
  • Synchronizing the Remote Database
  • Set Up Sync Schedule with Scheduler
  • Using the Subscription List


  • Understanding Security Roles
  • ACT!’s E-Mail
  • Setting up Your E-Mail Signature
  • Understanding ACT!’s E-Mail
  • Sending E-Mail from ACT! E-Mail
  • Send/Receive Button
  • Automatic Update Notification

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User Guide, Lunch and Certificate of Attendance are included.  Classes are small and hands on, 1 person per PC, max 6 students per class. All classes are CPE accredited.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS is a Master Sage Solution Provider.  Payment is required to register for the class. Availability will be confirmed once your registration information is received and processed. Please do not make any travel arrangements prior to confirmation received from JCS. JCS is not responsible for any travel expenses made without confirmation. Course cancellation must be received in writing 5 days prior to the course date. Refunds are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee.  The class may be rescheduled with no administrative fee.

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