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Sage 100 2018.3: Job Costing Module Changes

With each annual Sage 100 software release, Sage introduces periodic updates for their Sage 100 2018 software, which include useful improvements and bug fixes to help your Sage 100 product run more efficiently. The most recent update, Sage 100 2018.3, includes many helpful changes to the Job Costing module.


What’s new in the Sage 100 2018 Job Costing Module?

  • Fix “(Tax Code)” is not numeric” in version 2018 Job Billing Data Entry for a Fixed Contract job
  • No longer receive “record (report Name) is missing from SY_ReportManagerMaster.M4T.” when using the Designer button to open any report on the Job Cost > Estimating menu.
  • Cost Code Maintenance is no longer truncating alphanumeric Cost Code numbers that include a special character.
  • Job Estimate Printing *SUB and *TOT calculation is now correct if the line is deleted and re-entered to a different line on the grid.
  • New Comments or changes to Comment are now retained in Job Maintenance.
  • Corrected issue with Time & Material transactions not summarizing by Job in Daily Transaction Purge Closed Jobs Dated on or Before
  • Users are now able to enter an Actual Percent Complete greater than 9% in Job Billing Data Entry.
  • User can able to proceed the Sales Tax Calculation with J/C Job Billing selected. There is no Error 88 AR_Salestaxcalculation_bus.pvc 119 displayed.
  • Fix Error: “A missing GL account was found in Job Type: xxx” in Job Billing after converting to version 2018 and “Post to G/L for Work in Process” is unchecked in Job Cost Options.
  • A/R Invoice with a job referenced is no longer adding $1 Sales Tax Billed to the invoice in Job Billing History – Version 2018.
  •  Calculated Overhead Allocation amounts from Job Posting Entry transactions are correct.
  • Error 26 is not occurring for the Job Transaction Detail History Report & Job Transaction Detail Report when selecting Save As for the reports.
  •  Job Billing Data Entry Fixed Bill Totals tab is now displays the Job-To-Date Cost instead of the Year-To-Date Cost.
  • Transaction Date is retained in Primary Grid when exiting Job Posting Entry.
  • Trans Date in Job Posting Entry is now defaults to Module Date not System Date.
  • Cost Code Detail Unit Price and Unit Cost amount can be entered after the decimal.
  • Job Billing Data Entry line Bill Amount is recalculate correctly when Bill Rate is changed for a Time & Material job in version 2018.
  • Fix Job Billing Register update to G/L does not relieve WIP when Post to G/L for WIP is selected in Job Cost Options.
  • Added validation in Cost Types to not allow special characters. Increased size of Valid Cost Type field to 36 characters.
  • PO Receipt Register and PO Return Register update hangs when there are multiple lines which include Job Cost detail.


sage 100 2018.3 job costing moduleAccounting Business Solutions by JCS is a leading Sage 100 consultant offering Sage 100 support, training, and data repair services to help fix the problems you may be having with the Job Costing Module in Sage 100 2018.  Our certified Sage 100 consultants have years of experience helping businesses just like yours maximize the efficiency of their Sage 100 ERP software. To get started with Sage 100 software, call us at 800-475-1047 or email us at Your success is our goal!

The Sage 100 2018.3 download link can be found here.