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Review the features of Sage Timeslips Premium, Sage Timeslips 2017, Sage Timeslips 2016, Sage Timeslips 2015, Sage Timeslips 2014 and Sage Timeslips 2013 – 800-475-1047 – Training – Support – Consultant – Reseller

New to Sage Timeslips Premium 

Quick Bill – This new feature provides the ability to create or select a client, create time and expense slips, choose appropriate taxes to apply and pay the invoice in one centralized location. This new function is great for getting clients in and out of the office fast while allowing the option of selecting existing bill layouts, preview of the bill and printing, emailing or both.

Customer Calculated Fields on Invoices – Creating customer calculated fields on Sage Timeslips reports is now available on client invoices and invoice cover pages. Allows for business specific billing information to your clients.

Features for Sage Timeslips Premium and Sage Timeslips 2017

Re-Designed Budgets – Budgets have a new look. Client specific budgets are created quickly and easily to offer simple setup and management. Calculating budgets are created faster and can be duplicated for multiple clients.

Re-Designed Accounts Receivable Entry/List – The list and entry now displays more vital data eliminating the need to run reports and search. The new entry window has been reconfigured to provide easy to read and research billing processes.

Re-Designed Billing Assistant – Re-designed billing assistant provides an updated List View of all or selected clients for fast and accurate verification of data for quick invoicing. This list now provides a true ‘at a glance’ view of billing details quickly.

Features for Sage Timeslips Premium, Sage Timeslips 2017, Sage Timeslips 2016 and Sage Timeslips 2015

Re-Designed Client Information – The Client Informaiton dialog box has been redesigned so that options are grouped better, related fields are grouped better and navigation controls are more consistent throughout Sage Timeslips.

Client Secondary Address Field – the Contact info page now contains additional fields for a second address.

Generating Receipts for Payments – Generating a payment receipt now confirms receipt of payment from a customer. Receipts are available for payments from an account, payments to an account, reverse payments and payments.

Printing Watermarks on Draft Bills – During your bill cycle, you can now print preview drafts of your bills before all charges are ready to send to your clients. Include watermarks on bills to indicate drafts prior to bill run. Draft bills cannot be approved, so when you print draft bills, you will not be able to put them in Proof Stage, approve them or print/email them. Exclusion of watermarks is needed to approve bills for bill run.

Features for Sage Timeslips Premium, Sage Timeslips 2017, Sage Timeslips 2016, Sage Timeslips 2015, and Sage Timeslips 2014

Text Search – Search scope fields are now grouped and search results are now sortable. Other fields are now searchable such as transaction check numbers, client email addresses, and timekeeper email addresses. Clicking on column headings will sort lists and selecting the search result will allow to view context.

New Slips List Filter – Time and Expense Slip List now includes a new filter that allows to show the last ___ slips entered. This allows for large databases to show only new slips such as from the past few months.

New Option to Show/Hide Slips List Field – control whether several areas on the Time and Expense Slips Lists are displayed or not. This feature includes the new Show only the last filter at the top of the list, the description preview and slip totals at the bottom of the list and now show/hide total number of slips displayed.

New Slip List Preferences – Now you can control which slip tab and slips are selected when opening the list. Select to hide slips of other timekeepers using security. Generate bills or editing slips using the time sheet, the list can update automatically with changes.

Timeslips Calendar with Google Sync – Track meetings and events in a calendar and have the ability to share these events with other timekeepers.

TAL Pro Enhancements – New account categories and new connection settings. Assignment of accounts has been simplified as has the Posting process. Past postings are easy to review. Name linking has been improved and enhancements to slip creation has been added.

Features for Sage Timeslips Premium, Sage Timeslips 2017, Sage Timeslips 2016, Sage Timeslips 2015, Sage Timeslips 2014, and Sage Timeslips 2013

Printing from Lists – Ability to select the printer used to print reports such as Time and Expense Slip List, Client Funds List and the Accounts Receivable List. When selecting print from the toolbar, a print dialog box will open allowing you to pick the destination of the report to print.

20 Pricing Options for Each Expense – Each expense has the ability to store up to 20 prices. Decide which of the prices are the default on new slips and have the ability to choose any of the prices on the expense slips at any time.

New Days to Pay Report – This new report forcasts the number of days that a client takes to pay their bills.

Include Attachments to Bills – Include attachments to clients bills either with printing or emailing.

Exclusive Access Notification – Notify other timekeepers if you need exclusive access to the database. Also set a countdown timer that will log other timekeepers out when the timer is reached.

Spelling and Grammer Enhancements – Spelling errors are eliminated with the ability to search up to 6 dictionaries. View and edit entries in your personal dictionary and check out the new Technical spelling dictionary.

Custom Fields Enhancements – Quickly add all custom fields needed for an electronic billing link (audit house) when setting up custom fields.

User-Defined Invoice Reports – Create your own custom reports from invoice transactions. Optionally include a breakdown of transactions applied to invoices. Also allows you to design reports that include only the invoice information you want.

Customize PDF Names when Sending Bills or Statements by e-mail – you can now control the name of the PDF’s when sending bills or statements by email to use simple text, data tokens or a combination of both to ensure your PDF has a unique name.

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