Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module – 800.475.1047 – Support – Training – Consultant – Reseller

Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module – 800.475.1047 – Support – Training – Consultant – Reseller

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting helps bridge the gap between off the shelf entry level products and complex high end systems.  These modules are designed to grow with your business.

Efficiently manage your company’s expenditures with Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable module. This module stores, sorts and organizes your transactions and vendor information and produces a variety of reports and graphs. Additionally save time with the Accounts Payable module as it dates your open invoices so you can easily see how old they are and the cash needed to pay them while suggesting what day is best to pay them. Use the module to take advantage of early payment discounts because the module offers automated invoice payments prior to discount expiration dates.

The Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable module works seamlessly with the General Ledger module as well as additional modules offered by Sage BusinessWorks.


Maximum Limitations in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module:

Vendor Balance: $99,999,999.99

Max Amount per Invoice: $9,999,999.99

General Ledger Distribution accounts per Transaction: 999


Number of Allowances in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module:

Vendors: Unlimited

Characters in Vendor ID: 12

Custom Fields per Vendor: 5

Invoices per Vendor: 12,000

Recurring Invoices per Vendor: 100

Characters (alphanumeric) on an Invoice: 20

Characters on an Invoice: 20

Months to Keep in History: 60

Expense Allocation Tables: 99

Payment Terms: 99

Cash Accounts: 9

Checks Per Month: Unlimited

Digits on Check Number: 6

Invoices per Check: 3000


Reports available in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module:

Vendor History

Vendor List

Vendor Name List


Cash Flow

Cash Requirements

Check, Check Stub

Check Register Detail


Business Graphics

Discount Analysis


General Ledger Invoice Distribution


List of Recurring Invoices

Payment Selection

Monthly Activity

Open Invoice

Extensive Reporting Features in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module

  • Print Aging Report by due date or invoice date
  • Define Aging Periods for concise reporting
  • Print 1099 MISC forms for government requirements including option for eFile
  • Streamline report information to exclude inactive vendor using Report Filter feature

Easier Processing Features in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module

  • Track discount dates, amounts and due dates
  • Select invoices to be payed automatically or manually
  • Powerful Credit Card tracking capabilities
  • Automatic distribution of invoices to multiple accounts using expense allocation tables reducing data entry time
  • Set up recurring invoices that post automatically to minimize entering invoices that are recurring
  • Hold specific payments to vendors or invoices until issues are resolved

Instant Access Features in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module

  • Import vendor information, invoice information and adjustments from a text file
  • Greater control over cash flow with access to current and calculated balances
  • Quick location of vendor records with the ability to search many fields
  • Easily obtain an instant inquiry of vendor information including invoices, debit memos, credit memos and application of open credits while in any processing option

Payment Option Features in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module

  • Ability to pay partial invoices
  • Enter manual checks as a ‘void’ in one step
  • Handwrite checks
  • Generate checks with a summary or detailed information
  • Void checks in a range or single check
  • Record EFT payments

Maintenance Task Features in Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable Module

  • Define Accounts Payable posting accounts on a vendor-by-vendor basis
  • Ability to maintain complete vendor information
  • Hide inactive vendor records from search windows
  • Allow flexible payments terms
  • Customize vendor records to meet unique needs with 5 user-definable fields
  • During transaction entry add new vendors and General Ledger accounts
  • Option to print one check for vendors who prefer to be paid for individual invoices
  • Allows for global changes to multiple vendor records

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