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Why, When, and How to Get the Most from Sage 50cloud Technical Support, Professional Consulting, and Authorized Reseller Training     

Managing your business is challenging. You’ve got a lot of moving parts and you’re responsible for making sure they all move in the right direction at the right times. And of course, your staff in the accounting and operations departments are the engines that keep everything in motion (or stalled).

Have you ever been in the midst of a problem and caught yourself thinking how useful it would be – in that moment – to have a go-to expert who could help you efficiently and successfully navigate your way to the ideal solution?

Hold that thought! That’s exactly what a professional consultant, advisor, trainer, or technical support person does for you. And, as valuable as they can be for your business during a problem, they are twice as beneficial when you’re not operating in crisis mode.

When you reach out for the attention of a professional, dedicated consultant, advisor, or trainer – before you’re having a problem – you’re in a sense getting an expert who not only understands the specific financial, technical, or operational aspects of your business,  such as a software issue, but also brings their business-specific expertise and insight into the discussion, the action plan, and the solution.

Now let’s take a look at why, when, and how the support provided by a professional consultant and engaged Reseller can help you get the most from your Sage 50cloud.

You’ve made the wise choice to upgrade to Sage 50cloud. You did your diligence and it was quickly clear that this was an investment with an attractive, quick, and ongoing return.

Right from the start you experienced the time and cost savings Sage 50cloud is known for and you’re a happy Sage 50cloud user. But, keep in mind that you might be leaving a lot more efficiencies on the table.  And not even realize it.

“In general, people who access training are happier with their software and need less on-going support.”    – Peter Lundberg; Sage 50cloud Certified Trainer; Senior Consultant; Accounting Business Solutions by JCS

This leads us to the Why and the When and the How.

The Value of Sage 50cloud Technical Support, Consulting and Reseller Training before you think you need it.    

As many accounting professionals will attest, it’s quite natural to reach an initial comfort zone with new accounting software and then stay at that level – especially when you’re so pleased with how much you’ve increased your productivity and functionality.

But this is actually when you can benefit the most from professional support, consulting, and the personalized attention of a Certified Reseller for Training.  This is when you will recognize the value of the services designed to help you use the system specifically to fit how your business operates.

And this is how you become instinctively familiar with all of Sage 50coud’s robust features so that you’ll fully realize its benefits, its return on your investment, and its impact on your growth and profitability.

While Accounting Business Solutions by JCS will always be available to assist you and constructively resolve any issues or challenges you’re facing, we encourage you to reach out before you’re struggling or having a problem. By taking a proactive approach to getting to know Sage 50cloud, you’ll realize more of its benefits more quickly with far less disruptive trials and errors.


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Sage Peachtree Support

Sage Peachtree Support

Sage Peachtree is now Sage 50Sage Peachtree Support Sage Peachtree is now Sage 50. Where is find support for Sage 50 is mainly thru Sage Peachtree now Sage 50 resellers. This group are certified consultants specializing in supporting Sage Peachtree now known as Sage 50 Accounting. To contact a Sage Peachtree Consultant call 800.475.1047

Upgrade Sage Peachtree to Sage 50 Quantum

Free company file test conversion with purchase of Sage 50 upgrade

With over 25 years of accounting and business knowledge as well as proficient technical background you get the training and support your business needs and deserves working with a proficient expert consultant.   You can work with the same consultant to help you master your Sage Software and for those occasional questions you need help with so you can understand best practices and how to manage your company information and books.


Sage Peachtree support number 800.475.1047

Mission Statement:

Helping small businesses succeed by learning to successfully use business and accounting software. Since 1989 we have helped thousands of small businesses select implement software to support their accounting and business operations



You will gain a solid understanding of what you need to get your software up & running. This class will start by creating a new company. Followed with chart of accounts, customers, vendors, inventory items and beginning balances. The focus will be on all of the parameters needed for ultimate performance and maximum error prevention. After completion of this Sage Peachtree training class you will have the building blocks to successfully utilize your investment. Remember to bring all your Sage PEACHTREE questions.


  • How to navigate PEACHTREE
  • Protect your data Backup & Restore
  • Sage PEACHTREE help features



  • Default Information
  • Review Chart of Accounts Window & Icons
  • Department Masking vs Account Segments
  • Chart of Account Types
  • Add / Modifying / Delete / Inactivate Accounts
  • Changing Chart of Account Id’s
  • General Ledger Beginning Balances



  • Vendor Defaults
  • Review Vendor Records Window & Icons
  • Add / Modify / Delete / Inactivate Vendors
  • Changing Vendor Account Id’s
  • Vendor Beginning Balances
  • Vendor Beginning Balances


  • Customer Defaults
  • Statement & Invoice Defaults
  • Sales Tax & Sales Rep Setup
  • Review Customer Records Window & Icons
  • Customer Contacts and Ship to Addresses
  • Add / Modify / Delete/ Inactivate Customers
  • Changing Customer Account ID’s
  • Customer Beginning Balances


  • Inventory Defaults
  • Review of Inventory Accounting COGS
  • Review Inventory Items Window & Icons
  • Add / Modify / Delete / Inactivate Items
  • Changing Inventory Item Id’s
  • Inventory Beginning Balances








100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or return to the next Sage PEACHTREE Accounting Software Trailing Setup Class for FREE!


Sage Peachtree is now Sage 50

Sage Peachtree Quantum – Gain pinpoint control of all of your business operations. Manage Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Jobs, Service and Payroll. This end-to-end small business ERP accounting software is designed to grow with your business. Providing core accounting with built in tools for distributors and time and billing features that are rich. Sage 50 Quantum Accounting can accommodate 1 to 40 named user licenses. There are addons for Sage 50 Peachtree Quantum such as UPS integration, barcode scanning Solutions, Sage Intelligence for advanced reporting and many more.

Sage Peachtree Manufacturing

Sage Manufacturing Accounting provides all the core accounting features you need, plus powerful and flexible tools especially for manufacturing-related businesses. These tools include robust inventory management, improved control and tracking of assembly jobs, and industry-specific reports.

Sage Peachtree Premium

If you manage multiple companies and budgets or need better insight into your numbers for strategic planning, then Sage 50 Premium Accounting is for you. It includes all of the features in Sage 50 Complete Accounting, plus advanced filtering on financial statements, progress billing, serialized inventory, and employee compensation tracking.

Sage Peachtree Pro

Sage Pro Accounting provides easy-to-use tools to help manage your expanding business needs. Based on real, double-entry accounting principles, it includes features such as inventory management, business analytics, payroll, and customizable reports.

Our Certified Sage Peachtree Consultants specialize in all versions of Sage (formerly Sage 50 Peachtree) accounting software products:

  • Sage Peachtree Quantum Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Accountant Edition Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Construction Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Distribution Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Manufacturing Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Nonprofit Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting
  • Sage Peachtree Classic Accounting Version 13

Implementation process for Sage Peachtree:

Sage Peachtree Discovery –The first step to using any accounting software for your business is the planning step. This becomes the roadmap for the entire software setup process. Speak to your staff, gather information and document your current challenges that a new system will solve for.

Implementation – Typically 30 to 45 days from beginning to end and hands on Sage 50 Peachtree training is a part of this process using a test data base.

Setup – In this phase of your Sage 50 Training Class JCS completes the default information for each module to best set the system up to meet your business objectives so you will have and efficient system.

Sage Peachtree Training Classes – Properly transferring knowledge to your staff is the most important step and the review to confirm your workflows.

System Review – After your Sage 50 Training Class you should review of each transaction type in your system to confirm you are getting the correct results.

Advanced Custom Report Writing – With these report writers, Sage Intelligence and the industry standard Crystal Reports, Sage 50 delivers a volume of insightful information. If you need something not found in standard Sage 50, JCS can create the right report for you and can schedule this Sage 50 training class.


These are a few of the features Sage Peachtree has that the competition does not

  • Security – by user – you select – no access, view only, add, edit or full access by individual entry and/or reporting function
  • Audit trail – records all entries and changes made to your company data
  • Internal Accounting Review – Runs up to 15 reviews of customer data, used as a tool to report common transaction mistakes, and potentially suspicious transactions
  • Synchronize with ACT! – live accounting data feeds sales opportunities
  • Synchronize with Outlook© – customer and vendor information

updated one time, one place, helps you stay organized

I did a presentation with the SBA a few weeks ago and these were some of the results of businesses using Peachtree

Case study Sage Peachtree Accounting Software

  • Eliminated duplicate entry of data for invoicing and payroll
  • Did not lose transactions to be invoiced to clients
  • Can now easily report profitability by consultant, department, job/project and company
  • Also available is multiple company consolidated profitability
  • The correct payroll taxes are calculated and paid
  • Results: savings of 5+ man hours per week and a decrease in paperwork being generated, reduced errors & had better controls
  • Debbie is a 1-person office working for a 5 person company
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Sage Peachtree Software Case study

  • Managed inventory information for minimum on hand stocking
  • Able to handle more business
  • Automatically generate purchase orders for reordering
  • Used Assemblies to create finished items, calculates cost
  • Track and report on serialized items sold and warranty periods
  • Profitability reports by inventory item and customer
  • Track and report on items sold to customers
  • Enter credit card payments 1 time
  • Results: savings 20+ overtime hours per week @time& ½ pay
  • Anita has a 7-person office
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Certified Sage Peachtree Support and Training since 1989

Gain the advantage by learning all there is to know about Sage 50 Peachtree Accounting. PEACHTREE Support Training Consultant – for all versions of PEACHTREE Software. Providing assistance in Setting up PEACHTREE inventory and job costing information to work most efficiently for your business. Providing monthly training classes to help you get the most out of your accounting software application. For more information contact our local offices. #Sagepeachtreesupport

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