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Sage 100 2018.3: Register Changes

Every few months, Sage releases an update for their Sage 100 2018 software which includes many useful changes and bug fixes to help your Sage 100 product run more efficiently. The most recent version, Sage 100 2018.3, includes many helpful changes to the Register, including but not limited to:

  • Job Estimate Printing with Print Estimate Recap selected now calculates Overhead and Profit calculations correctly on the Estimate Recap
  • Job Transaction Detail Report no longer inserts a Page Break between each job when “Page Break by Job” is unchecked in report options.
  • Corrected issue with Cost Code unit price and unit cost being truncated in Job Posting Entry.
  • Fixed wrong print sequence of Job Cost Job Daily Transaction Register and Job Cost Daily Transaction Register
  • Corrected issue with navigation buttons not refreshing Revised Contract Amount display in Change Orders tab when moving between records.
  • Error “xx-xx-xxx is not on file” after migrating data to v2018 with a Cost Code length less than 9 characters.
  • Job Trans Detail History Report no longer inserts a Page Break between each job when “Page Break by Job” is unchecked in report options. And transactions are now sorted in date order under the Cost Code.
  • The Error “The Burden Job Type generated an invalid Cost Code” no longer occurs when updating Payroll with Burden Allocation defined and using a Cost Code less than 9 characters.
  • Overhead Allocation Register (Monthly or Daily) now updates to G/L in summary format.
  • Job Billing Selection no longer duplicates Time and Material job transactions if the transaction date is less than or equal to the module date.
  • Job Billing History Report Current Balance column no longer displays ##### if the Current Balance exceeds $999,999.99
  • Direct Cost Job Posting Register and Job Daily Transaction Register no longer prints ######## when amount is 1,000,000.00 or above.
  • The correct Cost Code description now prints on the Job Cost Code Detail Report.
  • Negative amounts entered in Job Posting Entry now post correctly to the G/L.
  • Last invoice from previous job are appearing on the Job Masterfile Maintenance on Billing History tab for new Job if same customer.
  • AP Check Register no longer hangs during update when integrated with Job Cost.
  • An Error 65 CI_JobNo_VAL.pvc 69 no longer occurs in Job Billing Selection or Job Billing Data Entry.
  • The Cost Code Format is no longer invalid when attempting to enter different segmented Cost Code in Cost Code Maintenance in Sage 100 2018.
  • The message changed as below on the prompt message box.


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To download the Sage 100 2018.3 update, visit the Sage 100 2018 download portal here.